My new guitar named Danni

Today I bought a new guitar after torturing me for some years whether I should start over again or not. My first guitar broke like 10 years ago. So, today I picked up learning it again. It bleeds my fingers, but eases my mind..

As far as I understood (I’m still learning!) this is a Western guitar, meaning the strings are all from metal. It has also a different sound from the Spanish guitars. If anyone wants to correct me here, please do so!

Why naming my guitar Danni? Well, it’s named after a nice girl I met on the train from Frankfurt to Aschaffenburg. I know to less to find her again, though she has my number. With my guitar, I still can hold on to memory and cherish that brief encounter endlessly..

.. okok, maybe it sounds a bit pathetic, but it’s true and I like to name things!

Visiting Stockholm, SE

I’m since Wednesday in Stockholm, Sweden, where I’m attending meetings with our cluster team. It’s work, but I it’s also a great opportunity to experience Sweden and Stockholm in particular. It is my first time in Scandinavia, and first time I actually crossed a (small) sea!

It’s all great till now and I really like it here. And unlike the things I heard years ago, Sweden is not *that* expensive anymore. It’s what I would pay in Germany, or maybe a bit cheaper considering what you get.

I made some pictures, and hopefully I’ll get a gallery up again with all them. Here is one, and maybe people will call me names when I show this, but I’ll keep the full picture for myself! Sweden, or at least the part I have seen, has like beautiful women all around. When you see a girl with such t-shirt, you just h ave to dare to make a picture and so I did.

Well, I like that T-Shirt!


I just tasted šljivovica (slivovitz). It’s the national drink of Serbia and I got it presented by the boss of my hotel in Stockholm. We had a shot, together with a Serb, employee of the hotel, with whom I went out with yesterday.

šljivovica is made of plums. As I understood it, they made it themselves.