This happened to me before, and it happened again after I tried to make it not happen. So if anyone knows how to make it happen, without happening.. let me know..

“WHAT???” Read on..

Well.. if you own two Macs like me, and you put your music on a iMac G5 (main machine), upload it to your iPod, travel with your PowerBook and connect your iPod to your PowerBook + iTunes = you’re screwed.

What happened is that my PowerBook is configured to update the iPod automatically (bad idea of course.. but hey!). This means it erases ALL music and starts to copy it back.

No big deal, my choice you would say. The big issue is that I have no chance to disable this BEFORE connecting the iPod. In iTunes you can’t access the iPod configuration before it connects. When it connects, it starts to update: you are screwed.

Now I’m 500km and 12 days away from my music, and well: SUCKS! Apple support is lame. So I’ll not even bother trying.

For the rest, I like Apple! But as anything, it just sometimes totally SUCKS!