New albums of Pearl Jam and Tool

This week I bought the latest album of Pearl Jam, which is titleless, and Tool’s 10.000 Days. They are different genres, but both where part of my rock transition back in the 90′s (damn that sounds old huh).

Most people ditched Pearl Jam after the first albums ‘Ten’, ‘Vs.’ and also ‘Vitology’. The real fans hower grew with the band older (and wiser??). I have a few life albums from Pearl Jam too, and I must say that sounds much better than the studio work.

Now, the new titleless albums is IMHO a continuation of Riot Act: a bit political laden, but more rock. Though, I got a problem Eddie’s voice: getting hard to understand him as none English speaker. Riot Act was still OK, but now I really need the lyrics written down.

I’m going to see Pearl Jam life in Europe, hopefully two times: in Antwerpen (Belgium) and Berlin (Germany). It’s the first time they come to Belgium by the way!

Tool, with 10.000 days, is just.. Tool. I think fans will like it. I’m not a big fan, but I do like them. With ‘Prison Sex’ in the 90′s and my long hair it was one of my favorite songs back then. The fact I’m not owning all albums (got Lateralus too), gives me no right to compare the latest, but it sounds good! It looks good with nice artwork and lenses!

I’m going to miss Tool at Rock Werchter this Summer as my sister needs to get her diploma that evening! But we try to still see the peppers!

Speaking of the devil, I’m waiting now for the latest of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Boiling rice with MultiGourmet of Braun

I bought a package of Uncle Ben’s rice in such cooking bags (not sure how it is called in english). It says to boil it for 10 minutes in water. So, since I only have a steamer and I know it’s possible, I tried it out.

You put the rice black thing of the Braun MultiGourmet in place filled with just enough water to cover the bag. The steaming time is about 40 minutes (I did first 20minutes then again 20 to test it).

That is basically it! I didn’t found to much info about it on the net about this, so that’s why I’m logging this.


I was young back then, about 9 years old. But I remember something in the news. I learned it at school later, and now I’m closer to it as I have friends and colleagues from those countries.

Something to remember and make sure it never happens again, though it will. We got to be prepared. Nuclear energy is probably the cleanest and more efficient energy we have, but hopefully humanity will come up with *the* solution.

Here is a link of pictures I got from a friend:

Beautiful, tragic, depressing, learning, anger, were my feelings seeing these.

Yes, I use Oracle..

Yes, I use Oracle.. and I’m so not ashamed of it:

Learning German pronunciations

Yesterday, while going through the LEO dictionary (, I stumbled on the following link:

It’s a nice, simple site with some German pronunciations and exercises. I had some laughs already with it and I think I’m going to use that a few times in the week to get my German better.

The thing I’m still missing is a