Cleaning my Apple Wireless Keyboard

The Apple Wireless keyboard is really good looking, and is OK to type with. Though, if you are like me a bit hairy and you lose quite some hair, it’s looks like your keyboard is getting more hairy than the owner! (Ok, lets not forget all the food rests sticking under it.)

Today I decided I had to clean it. It’s not nice if people come over and they look at your keyboard because it’s really nice looking, and they find actually a garbage bin.

I started first to look around for people which have done this before. Generally, just removing the keys and put them back is the only way. You can view the pictures I took here.

Pearl Jam Life Wasted video released under CC!

Couple days ago Pearl Jam released there new single Life Wasted video under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5. This means you can freely redistribute it under the conditions mentioned here.

If you want to download it you can still check it out on Google Video till 24th of May. I made a copy of it of course, and making it available on my depot. Maybe I should make a website of it stating the license, but I do hope I following the license like that! If not, please let me know ASAP.

I got this story from Slashdot, thought I really should read the news on Pearl Jam website, as I’m a member of TenClub (official fan club of PJ). The referenced blog entry comes from the CC folks themselves which you can read here.

Talking at FrOSCon06

I’ll be giving a talk about MySQL Cluster at FrOSCon 2006,, on Saturday 24th of June. It’s going to be an Introduction focusing on MySQL 5.0 and new features in 5.1.

MySQL AB has 3 talks there. My colleague Lenz will do the other two about Administrating MySQL and the MySQL Business Model.

Here is the schedule:

C++ Annotations

There are a billion or a bit less websites out there discussing C/C . There are millions or a bit less books out there about C/C . But the one I like a bit more is this:

Good to refresh your knowledge a bit if you like me only did it at school, and now you have to start using C .