Importing from iPod to iTunes?

I’m using my own iPod to get my own music to my own iTunes on my PowerBook: it does not work! You can’t just simply select an album and import drag and dropping it into your Library.

Maybe I’m missing an option somewhere. I really don’t want to sync automatically because that means you will mostly loose all your music on your iPod first (see previous post)..

Anyway, I’m doing tricks by showing all hidden files in Finder, then copy them to disk. After that, I’m just importing all the files into iTunes. You need to import all of them because the file names are totally useless on the iPod!

Cool tools, but sometimes it’s brainless. I think Apple doesn’t know yet people actually have 2 or 3 or more Apples at home. iPhoto is also such a crazy tool not letting you share easily.

Germany goes crazy!

Yesterday I visited Bonn after attending FrOSCon (conference). I knew that I was going to see some happy fans since Germany won against Sweden with 2-0. Happy fans is a bit understatement: everybody was celebrating and going crazy!

One wonders how they going to react when they are actually victorious in the final game (if they reach it of course). Seeing how they are passionated about it now, I wonder how the feeling is going to be when they would lose the next game!

Germany’s football team is quite good and they make a good chance. I’m in Belgium so I can’t see the apotheosis, but it’s going to be quite something!

Overall, it looks like a very nice event for Germany in regards to public relations. Germans need to show who they really are and make the rest forget the past a bit.

MySQL Cluster talk at FrOSCon 2006

An hour ago I ended my 45 minutes MySQL Cluster Introduction talk at the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon). I tried to really make this a compact, more or less complete overview. Apparently it worked!

MySQL Cluster is quite a beast to talk about. Doing this in 45 minutes, with 15min extra for questions, is not an easy task. You can check my presentation on the FrOSCon website of the presentation. I was troubled about the order of things, for example should I talk about components first, do the overview later? I feel it is OK as it is right now, though I have to cut a bit for making it shorter, and clearer.

A feedback after the talk was that I needed to touch the fact that Cluster is not really functional on Windows (yet). This made me think I indeed missed some nice information here and there.
Another comment from Giuseppe Maxia, who talked after me, is about providing maybe a useful example which takes a database and makes it suitable for cluster. Not complete, but give a start for users.

People who attended my talk, please comment on this! I would like to make this presentation better as an introduction. Make it lean and mean and highly available which scales for all nodes^Hpeople.

Ending crazy week of party in style

It’s been a busy week for me. Somehow I ended up having quite some fun before my birthday and the first day after.

First it started last Friday in Frankfurt am Main seeing old colleagues back in the Irish Pub I used to go in Bergen Enkheim. After that we went to the city and into The Cave, a club I frequently visited last years.

On the way home we met an English football fan who was eating Kebab and was a bit lost. He needed to go to the main train station; so I escorted him. He actually got trouble while sleeping a bit in the subway station as he was getting robbed he told me. Lucky he woke up!

After getting over the hangovers I departed on Monday evening to Edinburgh (Scotland) where I spend the next two days (see early post). Don’t ask me why I went there, I just did it. It was a great way for me to get vacation and get my 29th birthday going.

Today I spent a great time with friends here in Aschaffenburg. I was a bit tired as I started my journey back to Germany from Scotland around 4 o’clock in the morning. We had some drinks in the evening, and then they told me they take me to some firework! There is a feast going on in Aschaffenburg for 10 days and this was the start of it.

So, a nice firework at the castle to end a crazy week!


Visiting Edinburgh, Scotland

With mixed feelings I left Edinburgh early this morning. I spend more than 2 days in the historic capital of Scotland to celebrate my birthday, to have some real vacation, but more to fulfill my curiosity. I have seen lots of Edinburgh by walking through, but I failed to fall in love with the city, though I will go back and explore Scotland the country, as the Highlands are attracting me.

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