Cheap food turns out to be bad food

Yesterday I bought frozen fish from a brand called ‘Ja!’ (famous in Germany I guess) which was half the price of the same thing of ‘Iglo’ (which I usually buy). I thought I’d give it a try as it could save me some money.

These are actually ready made dishes you put in the microwave and it’s ready in 18 minutes or so. The Iglo ones never failed me.

Preparing the food, the instruction on the box were wrong: 12min at 600W. That’s way not good! At least 17min at 650W is better.
But, bad luck. After about an hour I ate this cheap fish yesterday, I felt something odd in my stomach.. Then later a bit further down.. and today I’m sitting on the toilet.

I know this can happen, but it really shouldn’t. The toilet paper of ‘Ja!’ is good enough, but for frozen fish I’ll stick with the good old ‘Iglo’!

(yes yes, fresh is better.. but fresh ain’t available all the time and definitely not close buy)

Visiting Amsterdam and Leiden

Last year I visited Utrecht where we installed some MySQL Cluster. This week I had the chance to attend a training (again MySQL Cluster) in Leiden. Tuesday I had a good excuse to visit Amsterdam and next day Leiden.

Both Amsterdam and Leiden have all these canals which were preserved unlike in Brussels where they actually made the river run under the city (stupid).. I did in both cities a tour on the water but Leiden won. I guess it was more romantic and I had lots of colleagues on the boat too.

One can actually get easy lost in Leiden, or I guess everywhere, but I just lost my colleagues whiles looking at some vinyl shops and old turntables (drool). That was the start of some 3 hours of interesting stuff..

Tomorrow I leave The Netherlands again for Germany after spending some weeks with my family in Belgium. I wonder how cluttered my mailbox is going to be.

(pictures will be posted later for those that care..)

Reading my first eBook on my Palm

Few weeks ago I bought a Palm T|X mainly because I needed an agenda and contact book for on the road. The T|X has Wifi, Bluetooth, SD and a big screen, very nice device.

Last Thursday I decided I wanted to read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. It was evening, no shops open and .. I could not wait! I looked at my Palm, I looked at my PowerBook: eBooks! I went to a website selling them, registering, buying, a bit waiting: et voila! I was reading within a good hour!

Books smell, they are magical in your hands, it’s easier to read.. Blah blah. Reading from my PDA I didn’t miss the paper book at all. It’s just a state of mind. The biggest problem is that you have to charge your device from time to time.

After reading 3 or 4 days, the Sangreal has been found and I stick with eBooks for a while now.

Btw, I think I liked Angles and Demons a bit more. Da Vinci Code just had a more catchy name for basically the same kind of story.

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons

Although I adore books, I’m a casual reader. I’m also a slow reader, but Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons was like a train ride: the stops between were annoying!

And it was a nice read! The murders, plots, the rush through Rome visiting it’s finest art.. it was not easy to put the book down. Although I was suspecting the chamberlain pretty early, it ended with some nice twist and surprises.

Actually, I started reading this book while looking through my sisters collection for the well known Da Vinci Code. I couldn’t find it, so I confiscated Angels and Demons. So, next on the list will be the Dan Brown’s latest.

I still.. wonder.. what Vittoria was going to do with this Yoga.. mmm?

Belgian MySQL UG on

Yesterday I opened a group on Meetup to manage our first meeting in Belgium. This is in addition to our event on If you are attending, please use which ever website you like to RSVP.

Language is an issue in Belgium, but it shouldn’t really. English will be used so all should be able to follow. If one has a question which he or she can only express in Dutch, French or German (don’t forget Die German folks!).. we can manage! It’s Belgium after all!

So, go here to sign up: