Pearl Jam in Belgium! At last!

Hear! Hear! Pearl Jam in Belgium! And it was about time! IMHO, we need a new national holiday for this!

They knew they left us in the cold after canceling a few times, but they warmed us up again after the great show. The 90s might be gone, and we are all like 10 or more years old after Ten and Vs., but it felt great..

Opening with there most smashing hits and having a go on us with their new singles, they got me rocking. My bones hurts after wards and my muscles on my left leg got a bit injured (I fell a bit), but it was worth it. “It’s Evolution baby!”

The one thing I was disappointed was the audience. Ok, they were all clapping after the songs and showing respect but it was mostly silence when Betterman was played or standstill when Evolution kicked in. Maybe I expect to much living in Germany now.

I’m going to Berlin to watch Pearl Jam there. Lets see how it goes with a German audience. It might be like the Queens of the Stone Age concert, though I guess age is kicking in for most of us..

Btw, Wolfmother is a band to watch out, but.. well, I guess it was OK.

Belgian MySQL UG: a report

Yesterday (29th of August) we had our first Belgian MySQL UserGroup (still need a catchy name!) meeting. I think it went great as we had quite a bunch, 14, attending.

The meeting room was arranged by X-Tend ( in their offices in Kontich (that’s between Mechelen and Antwerpen). We had a late start because some folks were eating at the Quick, some where still enjoying the X-Tend provided sandwiches and Kris had a late fight with MySQL Cluster.

For the first meeting I planned 2 presentations: one was giving an overview of MySQL AB, the company. The other one, as Kris Buytaert suggested, gave an overview about new features in 5.0 and 5.1. I also covered 4.1 features as they are/were important.

We had some good discussions there about various stuff. Of course the license came up, but it that was cleared rather quick as it was (I hope) understood. Also the patch contribution which is still in my opinion very low and I guess we have people out there really wanting to do that. Another discussion was about linking with shared libraries or using static binaries.

I think there is some potential about making this user group later on more interactive so we can discuss more problems or ideas people have. Maybe we can even talk a bit about politics and the use of Open Source in general and MySQL in particular in governmental instances and schools. One obstacle I see here is the language being used: we did it now in English, but discussions might go in Dutch or French or mixed which can be a pain.

As for the people attending: people working at universities, hobbyists, programmers and lots (if not all) folks from X-Tend.

For next meeting, we might get somewhere in Ghent, but we have no date or planning yet. I will plan with Kris. One thing I will talk about is MySQL Cluster, but definitely other stuff will be handled like WhatsNew or DidYouKnow or .. Just send ideas if you have!

I’ll post something later if I have more news about the next meeting.

Colony OS BBQ 2006 – The evidence

Last evening I went to a Colony OS BBQ 2006. It was a social event for people active in the open source scene in Belgium.

I didn’t recognize faces and I felt a bit outsider, but I guess that’s normal not being really active until recently. Never the less, I had some talk with good folks there and I’m glad I went.

Tille and the others helping her out did a great job. Beer was good, the food was great and I think it went without to much troubles. Maybe I should helped out. I have no excuse but being tired and still had to drive a long way.

Here are my pictures: Colony OS BBQ 2006 pictures

NDB API and blobs: some example

I spend some time on this last night to figure it out with MySQL Cluster NDB API.. Actually, I had to ask my dear colleagues for help. Pekka gave a tip, I added some weird logic: bingo!

Actually, nothing special, but here is the silly code inserting a record into a table with a BLOB field. The oper->equal("id",4) line and the order of things are important. Note: it is missing lots of stuff, like checking for errors!

Enjoy! I might blog more of those silly things later on. Hopefully it makes the manual. Jon, this one is or you!

void blob_insert(Ndb *ndb)
         const NdbDictionary::Dictionary* dict = ndb->getDictionary();
         const NdbDictionary::Table *table = dict->getTable("blobby");

         NdbTransaction *trans = ndb->startTransaction();
         NdbOperation *oper = trans->getNdbOperation(table);

         // The data we inserting in the blob field
         char data[60] = "Blobby is a good dog.";

         // We insert a new record

         // Even though the record with id X doesn't exists...

         // Get a blob handle
         NdbBlob *blob = oper->getBlobHandle("blobby");

         // Put the data in the blob handle

         // And commit it
         trans->execute( NdbTransaction::Commit );

Goodluck! Ha! I’m going zzz..

Trying out Debian 4.0, Etch, beta 3

It’s not everyday I’m trying out Linux and certainly not since I switched to MacOSX on my workstations. I still have a big heart for Linux of course, but it’s mostly when it comes for running it on some servers.

Today’s Slashdot posting about Debian 4.0, dubbed Etch, releasing a Beta 3 got me curious. Curious enough to actually download the smallest iso with a network installation to try it out. I had to check whether my old Dell Inspiron 8000 would still spin its drive and although looking terrible ugly (oh my) compared to my PowerBook, it still made the exact annoying sound as before. So the hardware was working..