Pearl Jam in Berlin!

I went to the Pearl Jam gig in Berlin. It happened in a parc called Wuhlheide in the Kindl-B├╝hne. Apparently the venue has a capacity of 17000 people.

And it was good indeed! The first thing that got my attention is that Pearl Jam played songs from Riot Act (Save You, Green Disease) which they didn’t do in Antwerpen. Or maybe I missed something in the excitement. Also, Eddie gave two speeches read from paper in German: one was about the good weather, which was just unnaturally perfect; and one was for his friend from the Ramones, to which he dedicated a song.

The crowd was great. As expected: much better than in Belgium! More bouncing and shaking, more singing like it should.. Eddie actually said the public in Wuhlheide was better than the Italians. It’s on tape, go check it out!

About the venue: I was stunned seeing it! The only thing that could get organized better is the entrance, but for the rest, once inside you have everything. You got also lots of space and free toilets (you can donate 20 cents, which I did). Vegetarian food too, and fruit. Lots of beer of course with the typical German way of asking like 1 EUR so you give your plastic cup back (keeps it clean!).

Great night for me. Seeing the crowd from a top of the arena go along on Daughter.. it’s quite an experience indeed. Pearl Jam is the best rock band there is right now (don’t try to discuss it!). No commercials, no big news about it and all concerts sold out in a few minutes. It’s quite spectacular that a low profile band just gets it done every time and keeps it simple in their sets.

Lets hope for a next tour in Europe!

Journey to Perros-Guirec

I set out Monday morning to Perros-Guirec, a village at the west coast of France, west from St-Malo. We have an important meeting with MySQL customer and I had to be there. Everything was carefully planned, I had my tickets and I knew when to leave.. on time..

Well, it didn’t go the way I expected..


I found out that when you wait for one particular sushi to come by the belt, you’ll eat lots of others.. And when the one you waited for at last comes: you’re stuffed (and broke too).

Moral: Don’t set you mind on one sushi, enjoy them all!

(Btw, I was waiting for a Tamago and my friends were making fun of me.. *cry*)

Looking for calendaring software

Today I tried again to find some solution to get my appointments organized. I bought a Palm T|X begin July hoping it will help me: it did not.

I have 2 Mac’s. I use iCal right now to keep some order in my hectic, lazy life. iCal on itself is probably the best tool around because it is S.I.M.P.L.E.! Damn! I tried Now Up-To-Date, Daylight and Palm OS Desktop. Try to make an event spanning days in both. Try to configure it: billions of opinions! Try to get the AM/PM out of the way in those!

The reason why I started to look around again is because the sync from my Palm with my iCal put everything in the Unfiled category on my iMac. Yeah, it screwed it up.. But I go back to iCal now and cool down.

Is any company out there trying to make actually a kickass calendar application? A personal organizer which actually is easy to use like iCal but with a little bit more features?

Getting so angry about big, rich companies making online stuff when I can’t even find a stupid little application which gets me organized and sync’s with my Palm.
Why do we need to ‘share’? Why do we need to let Google, Apple, Yahoo! know what hour we have to be at the dentist? Why????

Think I’ll go buy a paper agenda and a pen… Or if anyone has an idea about something that works on Mac with Palm syncing (mind the word ‘works’).


Where are the MySQL books in your shop?

Yesterday I found out that the MySQL books sold at Foyles in London, England, were not in the ‘Database’ section. Instead they could be found just under and next the Apache and PHP books.

I was rather disappointed. You see a whole rack of Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird, DB2, .. but no MySQL where (I guess) most people would first look.

The two guys from Foyles told me that this was already like that before they got there. It was probably because of the LAMP thing, one told me, that the MySQL books end up between the PHP books.

So here’s the question: Where are the MySQL books located in your favorite bookstore?