Replacing MySQL packages on Fedora 5

Maybe this is common knowledge by now, but I’ve seen this problem popping up at work and I’ve run into it today. I upgraded Fedora 4 to 5 and wanted to get MySQL 5.1.11 on it instead of the MySQL 5.0 delivered with Fedora 5. This also goes mostly for Red Hat EL btw..

These were the things I had to do, on a system without any production databases. Do not do this on production without backups and lots of coffee!

  1. Download the generic RPMs from Server, Client, libraries and headers and the shared libraries. Put them all in one directory.
  2. run in that directory: rpm -Uvh MySQL*
  3. If point 2 didn’t give errors, you going to have problems starting MySQL.
  4. mysql system user is missing. To recreate it:
    # adduser -d /var/lib/mysql -s /bin/bash -r -M -l mysql

  5. I didn’t keep the uid/gid, so I had to make sure permissions were set OK on the existing datadir:
    # chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql

  6. Next, remove the –basedir option from the my.cnf under [mysql.server]

As a general tip: keep an eye on the error log, /var/log/mysqld.log

That’s it basicly. Run mysql_upgrade if you like, I just removed the mysql/ and grant tables and recreated them new with mysql_install_db. I was removing Plesk which basically messes up your Linux distro.

Hope this helps someone!

Lost my clean underwear!

Today I flew back from Milan (Italy) to Frankfurt Am Main (Germany). It’s a 50 minute flight, jumping over the Alps so to speak. However, after waiting for 1 hour for my second bag (backpack) I went to the desk to track it. “Sir, I just see here that it stayed in Milan and it will come with one of the next flights”, said the nice lady. Well that was something that never happened to me before. I didn’t even know that was possible without a transfer!

While waiting for my backpack I noticed that one of the zippers on the bottom of my big bag was broken. I had put my clean underwear there, but half of it was gone! So if anybody finds some in the Alps: they are mine!

3 days Rome, start of 7 days offline!

I planned to stay 10 days off-line, but I got back earlier. So it was 7 days without internet, without mobile phone. The only communication with the outside world was through the good old postcards to family and friends. Ok, I send one email to say I was OK since there was a deadly accident in Rome in the metro when I arrived..

Visiting Venice and Verona; living Milan

In my previous post I said I was for a couple of weeks living in Milan, Italy. It gives me the opportunity to travel around in Italy. I do everything by train and other common transport. I found it not expensive: for a ticket from Milan to Venice you pay like 24 EUR for 2nd class on the fastest train; even cheaper if you add like 30-40 minutes.

Experiencing Milan and Italian daily life

I have the chance to spend some weeks in the apartment of my friend and colleague Russell Dyer in Milan, Italy. I’ll be living and working here for couple of weeks and tour around for 10 days in central Italy later.

This is not my first visit to Italy. I was already in Sorrento and Naples before with MySQL when we had a DevCon there. It is my first time though that I have to buy bread, milk and groceries in Italian shops and try to figure out what they said!
I don’t speak a word Italian except for the very basics. Speaking fluently french helps, though my head is getting a mess speaking sometimes 4 languages in a day..

I’ll see if I survive, but I’ll do great I think!

Btw, first thing that came as a blow to me, or at least my ears: Milan is damn loud! Maybe it’s something general in Italy.. I’ll check it out.