Global warming: a media hype?

I am watching a TV show debating some topics and the first one is the global warming issue. “It was made a hype by the media..”, and comments that all these things people try to do to help make it better are silly. I’m not sure, but to me they were just talking politics and winning the next elections.. Show was ‘Morgen beter’ on Belgians best channel Canvas (Monday 27th November 2006).

Humans are screwing up mother earth. It’s a damn fact. They were all against the radioactive waste being dumped in the oceans. Well, that waste didn’t screw up as bad as what we did for 200 years with just warming our houses and driving around.

Last Saturday, first hours in Belgium, a woman was talking in French saying “.. oh yeah, it’s still warm. It’s great, we can save money on the heating! But you know what is terrible? In the morning, it’s hard to figure out what to wear.” I was ready to hit her in the face.

Yes, I drove a car last weekend. I feel bad about it, but damn I wanted to drive again just to have some practice (and enjoy it too). But I do feel bad about, it makes me angry to see us all just burning out our environment. I’m polluting myself, but damn I’m trying my best to minimize it everyday..

My biggest contribution: Not -going- to work!

OhOoh7 and the Aston Martin

I heard good things about the new Bond movie based on the Casino Royal novel, but it was even better! This is the best bond movie I have ever seen! That’s not only because Chris Cornell sings the opening btw..

It’s full of action, has a great story, spectacular stunts and .. horror: an Aston Martin going into oblivion! Bond makes mistakes, falls in love, loses at poker, even dies for 5 seconds or so. He breaks into the house of M and uses her password. I mean, now that’s what you expect from a spy!

Great movie, the best ever made in the bond series for me! The new bond is also the best there is, IMHO.

.. the Aston Martin DBS.. 7 rolls.. the horror..

5 years in Germany

It was begin November 2001 when I moved to Germany. I found a new job and moved my life just in a few days. For me it was not really a problem. I guess for my family it was. Some of my friends didn’t understand: “Euh? But but but.. Germany?!?”

Well, Germany is quite something. I like the people, I like the cities, I like the big empty spaces. Transportation is great inside Germany: trains, planes, the famous autobahn.. Beer is good, wine is good. Food is just normal. Prices are fair.

So, what’s wrong in Germany? Well, a few silly things. Like the GEZ, or the mono-language culture. Weird changes with VAT going from 16 to 19% where smart people say VAT is useless.

Anyway, Germany is great! I am thinking maybe to move somewhere else.. But, I still need a good reason. Belgium is of limits for now to move back: to much people concreting the ground with their brainless buildings.

So, lets see where I’ll be in 5 years from now!

Visiting Florence, Siena and Pisa

I finally managed to upload the rest of my adventures in Italy. Pictures of Florance, Siena and Pisa. Here are the links to them:

- Florence (IT) Oct2006
Siena (IT) Oct2006
- Pisa (IT) Oct 2006

After Rome, Florence was a relieve. It has far less traffic, actually, the center is mostly car free. However, I only spend one day touring the city as it was pouring rain. Yes, I saw David. I thought it would be just a statue in the end, but damn! It is really quite impressive if you see it for real!

I had a great place to stay in Florence: the Hostel Archi Rossi. It was like 5 minutes from the main train station and just a few minutes away from the center of the city. The great thing is that from Florence you can take the local trains to most interesting places in Tuscany.

Siena is one of those cities in Tuscany where you see the medieval as it once was (or almost). I entered the city through a gateway in the city wall, walked the narrow up hill streets and was amazed by the splendid Piazza del Campo. Also, I advise to climb up the unfished nave of the Duomo. It costs money, but it’s like spectacular! The museum is also great as it contains the original statues of the cathedral.

Next day I went to Pisa. Friends told me that there is not much to see there except the tower. Well, yes, it may not be as spectacular as Siena or Florence, but it’s worth half a day too. The tower is indeed spectacular. It started leaning already after a few stories when it was being build. To me it shows how stubborn people are even when nature bends stuff.

Anyway, I had a great time in Tuscany which apparently is not really like the rest of Italy. When I’ll go back to Italy (which is not going to happen any time soon) I’ll go back to Florence or any other city in that region.

The Belgian MySQL UG 2nd meetup!

A bit late maybe, but I finally setup a new meeting: 29th of November.

If you’re interested you can sign up to attend here: If you don’t like to register with Meetup, then just let me know and I’ll sign you up for the meeting as guest.

On the agenda:
- Get to know each other
- New stuff in MySQL 5.0/5.1
- MySQL Enterprise: The WTH?-questions answered
- New storage engines
- and more..

Make some noise!