Hot plates! And all went dark..

I’m starting to cook again and for that I bought some cheap hot-plates! It’s one that comes with two elements: a big and and a smaller one. The first days I only found use for the big element. Reason: I only had one pan.

Today I decided to expand my cookingware with one new pan for boiling stuff.

Ready to cook some chicken with broccoli and onions and.. *BLACKOUT* All silent. My 2 machines off, television shutdown and my fridge finally stopped making the annoying noise.

First reaction, unplug the hot-plates. Second action, curse myself hitting my knee against the bloody table!

The small element has problems. Just to make sure it was not a coincident I did it again. Lights went out second time. OK, I’m hungry, I want to cook, I want damn working hot-plates. Went out to MediaMarkt, asked my money back (which was no problem at all) and looked for a new one.

I bought again one for 29.99 EUR but from a different brand. I looked for something more expensive in the shopping mall but found nothing. The new one works fine..

.. the food? Already being recycled!


Ah, I like Sophia!!

Have no fear, it ain’t a girl. It’s a band! Last year I heard them live from the AB (Brussels) and bought immediately the Album on iTunes. Now with the second album `Technology won’t save us` it’s again a hit. I’m happy Robin Proper-Sheppard didn’t stop his Sophia-project after `People are like seasons`.

I’m usually very picky about music, but Sophia just hits the spot. Don’t know, it hugs my neo-grunge dark brainwaves. One song reminded me a bit of Alice in Chains unplugged..

No, seriously, it’s great. 10 December Sophia is giving a gig in Brussels again and I’m not there. Crap! Damn! – Website ain’t showing the new album still. But it’s out! Spread the news!

Better go here:

T-Dose and Cluster

I attended the T-Dose open source event yesterday in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and it must be said: the TU/e (Technical University of Eindhoven) looks pretty nice indeed! Entering the T-Dose I was a bit overwhelmed by the venue. However, on Saturday, the crowed was thin. Of course, it was the first time and I hope it will be as big as FOSDEM in Brussels some day.

My talk was scheduled for 15:00 so I had a bit time to mix with the people. To be honest, I’m still not used to this.. There was a booth of UPservers which is selling certified hardware for MySQL and MySQL Cluster. It’s interesting to actually have face-to-face contact with people actually having a clue about hardware.

Gnome and KDE had a booth there as well. Yes, it has evolved a bit again. However, I left the Linux workstation for MacOS X: just because I got lazy I guess.

Before my MySQL Cluster rambling the audience was animated by Martin from Webhuis. He actually took off his tie and put on a rambo-look which the audience appreciated but was not really planned! The talk itself was about migrating from MicroSoft Exchange to an open source stack based on Samba, OpenLDAP and Open Exchange. I think his company having this experience will get some business. Quite interesting.

Sadly enough, the migration from Exchange had more attendees than my MySQL Cluster talk! Well, I guess migrating from MicroSoft to anything else is indeed far more interesting (*kugh*). Well, I didn’t count but I guess between 20 or 30 learned what MySQL Cluster is or picked up something new.
I was not happy though. There is something still wrong with my slides to learn people about MySQL Cluster in a fun, relaxed way having only an hour. Also, I need to get the tempo correct. At FrOSCon in Bonn is was better, but I didn’t get to the end there.

One of the attendees of the 2nd Belgian MySQL User Group meeting early in the week talked with me and my colleague Roland Bouman about genetic research. I don’t know enough about it, but they have problems with the magnitude of data.
Next I was introduced to Syllable. I saw it booting in some seconds and the fact that there is not much application for it makes it more interesting for me. Why? The lesser you have, the lesser can fail or give problems. Don’t know, but why not have a small fast OS for MySQL?

The day ended for me at the conferences learning about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 and virtualization using Xen. It was interesting because I never actually looked into this before. I’m still sceptical about it all. All application would work on a take over.. I’ll believe it when I see it with MySQL and InnoDB for example.

Going for a beer I talked with Matt about OpenQRM. Interesting stuff again! One just has not time enough or gets to distracted maybe.

Nice day there at T-Dose. It was just nice and I hope it will grow. It’s a nice venue, nice people, nice topics.. Oh, and I got a Red Hat t-shirt too!

2nd MySQL usergroup meeting in Belgium: recap

We held our 2nd meeting last Wednesday (2006-10-29) at the university of Gent (thanks Rudy!). I must say it was quite a small success again. Not because I was any good, but because of the attendees discussing various topics again. What I found personally very good is that there were lots of fresh people since the first meeting. Spread the word!

We pretty much did it by the agenda. I gave an overview of MySQL and showing that has changed since last meeting in August 2006. This is a required topic as long as we have new people coming in these meetings. However, I will keep make it shorter each time. MySQL Enterprise was a bit discussed, I spent 5 minutes trying to explain MySQL Cluster (need to rework my slides), and talked about next features in 5.1. All storage engines were discussed as well, like Falcon and the new 3rd party engines.

Next event will be probably in a more .. relaxed atmosphere. Maybe it will be held together with another user-group meeting in Leuven, but we are not sure yet.

So, I would propose that on next meeting everyone attending can put on a topic or a specific question. I will then check what’s most workable and answer/show something. That is: if we have a location where we can do this. In a pub, we will have other things on our mind!

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