Helsinki: freezing my .. ears off!

Aaah, Finland, at last! After a nice flight and a very nice conversation on the plane with somebody from the The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, I finally got the opportunity to freeze this winter! Snow! Don’t go out without something on your head or gloves!

Tomorrow I’ll go explore a bit more before heading to Tampere, my final destination for this trip.

Funny enough, it was cheaper to travel two days with staying night at hotel. Just love planning travel!

Making Brownies

I finally got a picture and the recipe online which I use to make brownies. These dark, brown calorie-bombs are so tasty.. As I’m writing this, I’m baking some at my parents home. My sister helped me a bit making sure she didn’t melt away with the smell. Well, she got to wait some more half an hour!

The recipe has been stolen from the BBC website. The brownies pictured are from late January 2007.

Funny story! I had a christmas party (which was not much about christmas at all) with my friends in Aschaffenburg (Germany). My duty was to come up with a dessert and I proposed brownies. Well, I never actually made them!
So what I did a week before the dinner, I went to the shop and bought all the goods. And everyday, I’m not kidding I made brownies! Of course it was a disaster first time (though tasty) and the last day Saturday I managed to make them good for consumption! Go me!
My friends loved them!

Django Goodies

I’m starting to get into Django more and more, forgetting PHP. And some nice stuff is coming up.

Yesterday there was a post about a Django Cheat Sheet published by folks at Mercurytide. Still work in progress, but all tools are welcome for a ‘starting’ project.

And then there is the Django Book. It’s getting quite heavy already in pages and you can leave comments to make it even better!
Of course, there are the usual PostgreSQL posts.. Well, they are funny. Like the one on Chapter 2 suggesting to indeed sort the database engines alphabetically because they should be equally good, but keep PostgreSQL first in the list.

Other comments suggest the MySQL python module MySQLdb doesn’t work with Python 2.5. My colleague says it seems to work OK. On the other hand, part of the world hasn’t even switch to 2.4 (wink to Apple) and the Django Book is not out yet.

Go Django!

Hanging out International Drive, Orlando (FL, US)

It’s been an exciting week again with my MySQL colleagues (PS team). We don’t see each other lots, but when we do, we do it good! Last evening was fun playing a MySQL Trivia. Like, when did Monty wrote the first lines of code or who joined before our CEO Marten got in the company. Good thing we had Max in our team, we won!

Orlando is, I’ve been told, maybe not a good starting point to get a taste of US. It’s like a big entertainment place with restaurants linking amusement parks. However, via Chad and his wife Mary Ellen, we got to know some other folks. We went to a bar and that was great experience. The Orlando downtown bar on a roof was also very interesting, good music there.

Either ways, I’m happy I’m going home soon. In a land where you get a 20oz T-bone steak or 3 cm think pork chop, I wouldn’t survive long. Probably going to other states will be good to know this big country, but I’m not in a hurry. There’s still lots to discover in Europe! Go Europe!

BTW, you got to watch television in US: soooo hilarious!!! And I got to know basketball, explained by my colleague Monty Taylor. Too sad his team, Dukes, lost. Funniest thing I’ve experienced is walking down a road and get to an intersection and no way as a pedestrian to get a cross.

Oh yeah, we did some work. No seriously, we did! DRBD rocks and NDB API.. is .. is.. NDB API!