2 years at MySQL!

That’s right! Today, 2 years ago, I started my job as Support Engineer at MySQL! Ups, and downs along the way, but hey, what love relation doesn’t have that! Great Company!

To celebrate it I was given the opportunity today to give an online web presentation about MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices. I’m used to give such seminars, getting better each time. But with this one, there were 2 problems: I was nervous because I couldn’t see the people, and second: it was in Dutch! Although my mother tongue, I don’t talk it everyday. And surely no technical terms. I put some German words in there as well I think, hehe..

MyThis, MyThat, MySpice, MySquel! Oh MY!!!

So, within MySQL it’s not ‘allowed’ to release or name anything prefixed with ‘My’ (but MySQL of course). An example is MyODBC doesn’t exists anymore, it’s Connector/ODBC.

But you see lots of successful MyThis and MyThats.

Bah, anyway, there are lots of them of course. What’s ‘yours’ on the net?

Vacation in and around Lisboa, Portugal

After a week freezing in Finland I went south to Portugal for 5 days vacation. I’m still not used to relax.. It turned out to be again an exhausting week getting up at 06:30 and getting to bed around 22:00. Sitting was taboo!

I was surprised from Lisbon. It is a Southern city, but it didn’t feel like it. OK, granted, it was not Summer yet, but still. The city looked modern, ordered, traffic not really overwhelming. The good thing about Lisbon is that, like most cities in Europe, you can visit it easily in one day (not slacking that is!).

Rain came, so I decided to get a car to explorer around Lisboa. From Sintra to the most western point of European mainland, over the Vasco da Gama Bridge through Pamela to Cabo Espichel. I must says that Sintra, and all that is to see there is definitely worth it! But probably more in Spring than late Winter.

My photo set is on Flickr.