Making your cached email more secure

This is more a follow-up on my previous post about auto-mounting (encrypted) disk images in MacOSX.

I hear that some folks have problems with the Search functionality inside I’m doing it a bit differently: not moving everything from to the encrypted disk image. So here is how I do it. Make sure you backup your email, especially if you are still using POP3 (you really should use IMAP if you can):

* Close and make sure your encrypted disk image is mounted.
* Created a Mail subdirectory in the disk image.
* Go to ~/Library/Mail/ and copy your mail accounts directories to the Mail subdirectory on the disk image. They are called like IMAP-@server. Note: copy, don’t move for now, but remove them later when everything is working.

Now a bit more difficult, I haven’t found out how to do this within (well I know where it is, but it’s not editable):
* Open ~/Library/Preferences/ double click it in Finder, it will open in Property List Editor.
* Open Root and go MailAccounts. The accounts are numbered, so you have to look a bit.
* Check for each account the AccountPath and change it to the new location on your encrypted disk image.
* Save it.
* Open, and it should work!

Don’t forget to remove the mail subdirectories in ~/Library/Mail once all is working. Don’t delete the once you haven’t copied of course, and make sure you have made backups before doing anything.

Auto-mounting the secured disk image is discussed in a previous post.

Auto mounting encrypted disk images in MacOS 10.4

I had looked a bit around on how to mount an encrypted disk image (on which I store my email) on MacOSX. The reason is because of laptops are easily stolen, and we have to make sure that cached email can’t be accessed by criminals.

Most solutions where about scripts, complicating things. My colleague Johan came up with the solution today. It’s just.. ridiculously easy!

* Mount your disk image and see it appear on your desktop
* Open System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items
* Drag and drop the mounted disk image from your desktop in the login items list
* That’s it!

I have checked the ‘Hide’ option. It still shows on my desktop, but not in Finder. Not sure if that is what it really does, but I’ll leave it like that.

Don’t forget the European User Conferences!

It makes me sad that not more was done to promote this, and I sure didn’t do enough either. Well, I did email the Belgian user group members.

* London, Tuesday, October 16th 2007
* Munich, Thursday, October 18th 2007
* Paris, Tuesday, October 23rd 2007

I can’t attend all of them, but I’ll try to go to Paris.

Tell your friends! Let us show there are people in Europe interested in these!