Painting: Chanting Sea Lions

This is a painting I did last evening from one of my pictures. I thought making a big, printed poster of it, but that was too easy. So I went for gear and an hour later I had a moment of great satisfaction..

iTunes’ brain-dead prices and services

I’ve been using iTunes for a while now. The music is good enough for me, and I don’t have to deal with the huge amount of jewel cases anymore. Price is OK, and buying music Sunday morning with all shops closed, it’s just ‘fun’.

There are things however where iTunes is brain-dead. I’m forced to use iTunes Germany because I happen to live in Germany. I do speak German, but I am Belgian. So…
  • iTunes Germany is .. in German only. Really, I don’t have the chance to choose the language, I’m just considered to understand everything.
  • I’m Belgian, so I want to buy Belgian music: no can do. (This is not really problem of Apple’s iTunes services..) This is the EU though! So I don’t see the problem. I travel to Belgium and buy music there. Why wouldn’t I be allowed to shop on the Belgian iTunes store, or the French one? Stupid.
  • TV offerings on iTunes. ARE THEY NUTS? 2,49 EUR for 1 -ONE- episode!!!? It’s not even full quality, not even comparable with the DVD box (which is like half the price).
  • TV offerings continued: Only dubbed in German? One of the best reasons one would buy on iTunes is to have the original version, and not the dubbed one. I have no chance on TV for that.
So, why am I ranting on my blog about this?
.. because Apple probably would just put these remarks in a box.
Why I keep using it? The music part is still OK enough. And the other services out there, don’t think they are better.
If you live in Japan as foreigner, and you see it all in Japanese.. Good luck!!!

My Sakila Cube

This is maybe an old idea, but still great to do! Thanks to Ronald‘s tip I could make the cube you see here. Just pure fun!

Check out how to do on Ned Batchelder’s site!

(Also thanks to Ronald Bradford, I can walk the earth with my good walking shoes! )

Captain Badly Bunkered

A bit of early Sunday morning rhymes at work.. picking up a support shift (not all you read is true: I do not hug cups!):

The struggle to wake up,
rubbing eyes and hugging the cup
Picking up the shift,
reading email and hoping for no drift
Reminders better be spam,
this morning I wish it remain calm

Oh little hangover
Why are you here
Oh little fever
It must have been the beer

Still dawn outside,
soon customers awake, and I can’t hide
If it all stays online,
all will be good, I’ll have a great time,
But something will have failed,
and we’ll save folks badly bunkered

Oh five hours of sleep
Why wasn’t it longer
Oh in bottles I looked deep
Eight hours, I hope not to linger

(penned on 20th January 2008) 

Recycling old MySQL business cards

Well, we don’t have a policy on what to do with them, so I went creative. Not as creative as Harrison did (where is that picture???), but I like it. It’s hanging next to my MySQL certificates. Yes, I’m proud on these things, maybe I’m a bit vain.. But it does look good on the wall of my storage room.

(btw, this flickr to Google blogging is great!)