Web Montag Franken in Nürnberg

Yesterday I attended the Franken Web Montag meetup in Nürnberg. This time the nice folks at insertEFFECT hosted us and opened up their terrasse.

Florian Bailey opened with a talk about Facebook applications. It was quite interesting. To me these applications are just annoying, but I can see now how they are used, and how success can mean making money within Facebook. They made also a test application called ‘Who is the Kitchen Master?‘ (needs account).
I did also try to talk about something, but I didn’t prepare anything. I don’t like to do unprepared presentations. It was a bit about scale up vs. scale out. Lucky sometimes the audience did sidetrack me and we could make some discussions.
Funny details: they used a MySQL book to put the beamer a bit higher!
The rest of the evening was filled with lots of good discussions, meeting new people and drinking lots of bee.. water.
Thanks again for the great evening, to all that attended, and especially the folks at insertEFFECT. Oh, and the pizza did indeed good!
Looking forward to the next Web Montag in Franken!

Sharing my running and cycling stats

I’ve been on a diet since February 2008, and lost like 12 kilo (that’s about 26 pounds). And damn I feel good!

Actually, I should still lose another 10 kilo but I tried to do some running, and now I can’t stop! Taking the bicycle and going for a drive for an hour along the Main (river) is also no issue!
Also, I’m keeping track now of the exercises using my Polar F6 and data is now also online using Google documents! No, I’m not going to start using these special community tools like Polar and Nike has.
Go me!

Moving away from MobileMe, going Google

I’m moving away from MobileMe, after being a .Mac user for a year..

Push doesn’t work as it should, maybe it’s a bit early to give up on it, but the magic is gone. 100 EUR for such a lame service is not worth it. And a website everyone else has for writing emails, is not going to help..
I’m gong to try Spanning Sync or other tools and use Google Calendar and Contacts. Syncing my iPhone normally using iTunes.

Epson CX11 and Mac OS X: error C0082, due to upgrades?

We’re getting an error on our Epson CX11 NF Laser printer, C0082. After quickly checking around, I got a hint testing our Macs. And indeed: when my sister opens up her MacBook, the printer gives the error message. It works fine with the Windows workstation on.

Looking further, I couldn’t find a good answer. I’m suspecting the Bonjour protocol messing it up after the Tiger and Leopard upgrades this week.
I can’t repeat this anymore. 3 times we opened just the MacBook, and 3 times it gave the error immediately.. It also locked up ones, but now the CX11NF works just fine. Odd!

iPhone/MobileMe useless for business and travel

I really like my iPhone: my best phone ever! But there are things on it that will prevent me recommending it.

Since I have a few Mac’s, I’m using .Mac, as of today MobileMe, to synchronize my contacts and calendars. I’m really not using anything else from the service. However, MobileMe is a waste of money.
If you are in different countries, calling is a pain with a mobile. It’s even more expensive doing data transfers. This means that the ‘push stuff’ is totally useless in Europe. There goes my 100 EUR yearly subscription. I still need it though..
Another major pain for switching to MobileMe is lack of personal email domains. What am I with personal domain for a stupid website anyway? And it has to start with ‘www’? I think there are really people not part of this world working at Apple.
Maybe I’m stupid buying services from Apple. They do suck really. Love the machines and OS, MobileMe is crap. If it doesn’t change, I’m not renewing next year.