Removing Airport preferences on Mac OS 10.5

My problems last week magically solved themselves the day after. I’m not happy about that at all. I rather know what’s broken and how it got fixed, but it seems my wireless network is again stable.

However, since I bought a new wireless router, a Linksys WRT160N (which I wouldn’t recommend BTW), I had to change my configurations on my Macs. This proved to be very problematic on my old PowerBook G4, running Mac OS 10.5.4.
Here’s how I eventually got it to work:
  1. Make sure Airport is off.
  2. Remove /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ (I didn’t care making a backup, up to you)
  3. Open Keychain Access, and look for anything related to airport. Look for it in all Keychains. If you don’t find anything, you either never used Airport (wireless) or doing it wrong.
  4. Shutdown your Mac, and reset the PRAM. You do that by pressing the Option-Cmd-R-P keys, all at once, while your machine is booting, and before the grayish screen comes up.
Well, that got me my wireless network working again. It’s still screwed up though: I still see ‘Preferred Networks’ which I have deleted long ago. Also, if I say ‘Show Password’, it shows me a string of ‘*********’ which is not correct.
Anyway, I hope the above might help somebody.. Or if somebody could tell me what’s wrong, thanks so much!

Apple Airport broke on 5 Macs simultaneously

>During the day, while doing daily work, my old PowerBook lost network connection.. Just like that. My iMac next to it has exactly the same problem: they can’t connect to my wireless network anymore! I opened my MacBook Air, and tata.. FUBAR! iPhone also gone.. And my kitchen iMac too.. NOOOooo..

So, I thought, my wireless in my router is broken, and I started to look at my Fritz!Box Fon WLAN router.. giving it bad eyes. After 2 hours, and dinner, I went to bye a wireless router from LinkSys. I hooked it on my DSL capable router, and after some work setting that up.. Crap! Doesn’t work either!

Aug 21 21:35:14 air airportd[252]: Error: __ACNetworkAssociate() failed to find some_abstract_type
Aug 21 21:35:14 air SystemUIServer[98]: Error: airportd MIG failed = -6 ((null)) (port = 50695)
Aug 21 21:35:14 air airportd[252]: Error: process_command_dict() failed
Aug 21 21:35:14 air SystemUIServer[98]: Error joining some_abstract_type: Connection timeout (-6 timeout connecting)
Aug 21 21:35:36 air /usr/sbin/ocspd[253]: starting

It’s seriously pissing me off! It has been working flawlessly for almost 3 years now..

Changing the MTU didn’t help. Resetting the PRAM neither. Everywhere posts, but nothing helps..


First leg of my Main Square Project

I’m planning to drive the Main Square which is when you look from the sky to the the river Main, you can form a square. It will probably take me 2 or 3 days in total.

Yesterday I took on the first leg, which is probably the hardest one. It goes from Aschaffenburg over Laufach, Neuhütten, Rechtenbach and ending in Lohr am Main.

It was quite a tough ride through Spessart. In fact, I had to twice get off my bicycle, rest and continue the climb by foot. In total it was about 40km and took me 3 and a half hours. Bad luck my GPS ran out of battery to continue the tracking.

In Lohr am Main I took the train back to Aschaffenburg.

Sigur Rós in Wiesbaden, Germany

Yesterday I went with friends, actually the full Freiwild-team, to see Sigur Rós in Schlachthof, Wiesbaden (Germany). For me it was the second time this summer I saw this spectacular Icelandic band.

At the Rock Werchter festival start of July (2008) they gave one of the best performances I saw there, Radiohead afterwards was like ‘Oh, well’. Yesterday, it was the first time to get intimate with Sigur Rós together with a packed venue, an old slaughterhouse. I don’t know the songs that good to write down a set list, but it was a good mixture of the 3 last albums.
Ólafur Arnalds was supporting act. It was OK, but the only thing I didn’t like were the electronic drums..
Go experience Sigur Rós when you can! Apparently it wasn’t sold out, you guys missed something!

No motorcade coming home.. but home!

Coming home.. No motorcade at the train station, no fanfare along the way, no banners on my windows, no arms hugging or tears of joy, but thank goodness: no nasty, bad smell!

Last time I came home I opened the door and.. BAAAWWW.. forgot to put the trash outside! This time all was fine, except of course I forgot a half drunken coffee mug. It was already having a little fun on its own, creating life.
Ah, and the laundry is dry too!
And now off to my friends.. it’s raining.. Mmm… think I miss Madrid a bit, really.