At T-Dose 2008 conference: Monitoring MySQL

I’ll be attending and speaking at the T-DOSE 2008 conference in Eindhoven (NL). In 2006 I talked about MySQL Cluster; this year I’ll be talking about Monitoring MySQL. I did it a few weeks ago on the Nagios Conference in Nurmberg (DE) and will continue on that, probably giving more details and examples.

Of course, I’ll be showing off our MySQL Enterprise Monitor!
The conference spans 2 days, 25/26 October, and I’ll be hanging around! Make sure to ask me questions, vent frustration, share success stories, etc.. DNS’ gone banana?

It seems so. None of the DNS servers of are responding, so my 3 domains are currently gone! That’s HA folks!

Now it’s really a DNS problem!
Update 17:24 CEST: and they’re back!

Hamlet, at Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon

Yesterday my sister and I set off for Stratford-upon-Avon, flying from Brussels to Birmingham and taken the train south from there. It was a well planned trip, no excitements a long the way, until we arrived and had a great time!

Stratford-upon-Avon is where William Shakespeare was born, wrote splendid plays and poem, and died. It’s a small town with a huge history and lots of tourist now just like back then, I’m sure! You can see pictures and comments on my Flickr album.
After a nice dinner at The Garrick and preparing for the evening at the Arden Way Guest House, we set off to see Hamlet. For me it was the first time I saw a lengthly play like this, so totally new to me. However, it moved me, it took me by surprise and I was even gasping at times! Two famous actors I knew: David Tennant (Hamlet) and  Patrick Stewart (Claudius/Ghost), but all actors were great and especially Mariah Gale (Ophelia).
The action on stage, which is really in the middle of the audience, is just stunning.. Light and sound effects, take you by surprise.. I mean, I have no idea, but I really really liked it!
The Courtyard Theatre
Also, the venue, the Courtyard Theatre, was just amazing. Amazing because it is the prototype of the stage at the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre, expected to be finished in 2010. It is now being teared down taking away the historical pieces to put them back later (I guess).
A very nice trip, a bit short, but I’ll go back whenever I can! Next time for a few days..

Google Mail Notifier for Mac gone, apparently

Today I got fed up with the Google Mail Notifier for Mac. Google is distributing a DMG package with only an script which opens again the website were you can download.. that same package!

Well, today I started out making my own notifier. I’ll put it online when it is a bit mature. Silly stuff really. Now I need to have the Keychain working and making sure it gets in the status bar.

Netways Nagios Conference 2008

The Netways Nagios Conference 2008 in Nürnberg (DE) was opened today by Ethan Galstad, creator of Nagios. He gave an overview of how Nagios evolved and the steady growth of the monthly downloads, now reaching 16k!

The Nagios 3.0 overview was quite nice. Apparently lots of effort was put in optimizing it for bigger setups, like doing host checks in parallel and changing internal structures not using linked lists.
Great was also to hear that the web interface is being revamped, as well as the Embedded Perl becoming some kind of plugin, called Event Broker Modules. This is however for the next experimental versions (v3.).
NRPE/NSCA are probably doomed to go into maintenance. Ethan said they would likely be replaced by more standard protocols and web services.
MySQL was mentioned when the NDOUtils were discussed. The reliance on MySQL will disappear eventually, which makes more sense so giving people more choice.
There seemed to be also problems with the performance in NDOUtils, but apparently it’s about the huge quantity of data that could go into the DBMS. During my talk, somebody of the audience actually said that some indexes would help. But as I pointed out, that would help greatly for reading data, but will make writing again slower.
This is something I’ll have to check out..
(Ah, and I said I was going to look into making a Nagios plugin, but it would conflict a bit with the stuff Sun/MySQL offers.)