The Green side of Some Abstract Type!

Yesterday I started a new blog to annoy the world with my boring stories on how I contribute saving our planet from ourselves. I’m small fish, but I think I do something nobel without being a bitch or a fundamentalist!

T-Dose 2008, a small summary

Today I got back from Eindhoven (NL) where T-Dose 2008 was held in the Fontys University of Applied Science. A nice venue, some good talks, but not to much audience. However, it’s was good to sync again with people there, and have interesting chats!

What I liked were the license and foundation talks. It’s good to know more about the GPLv3 (which I don’t like to much), and it’s good to know how an association is build around an OpenSource projects. I also learned lots about CentOS, new OpenQRM stuff, and well.. few other things!

I hope my talk help too, it was about Monitoring MySQL, in and around it.

I’ll be there again next year!

ATSServer going crazy opening OpenOffice 3

Yesterday I had to open OpenOffice spreadsheets and at some point I couldn’t anymore on my MacBook Air. Still on the beta, I installed the latest OpenOffice 3 stable, but no dice. My system went on to behave totally crazy again!

Now, today I tried fist to clean up the font databases. It didn’t prove to work for my previous problem, but well:

shell> sudo atsutil databases -removeUser

Now OpenOffice is happy and the ATSServer doesn’t go nuts on my CPU! Hopefully it will stay this way..

UPDATE: that didn’t work for my other account.. So, I went on removing some more stuff:

shell> sudo rm -Rf /private/var/folders/oq/oqUB8ER2GGuDcCkVN-aGqU+++TI/

Seems to go better.. Starting to wear me out..

Small thing about restoring backups in MySQL Cluster..

One day we’ll change some defaults to be more realistic, but in the meantime, please make sure you have set your FragmentLogFileSize and NoOfFragmentLogFiles to something big! Like, if you have 20Gb, set it the size to 256Mb and number of log files to 176, something like that (watch the diskspace though!). The thing his, if you need to restore your backup, you will run into problems and it just takes time, precious time to get it back up!
Anyway, those are not the only ones, and those hard hard to set later on (needs initial node restart, rolling though).

More in our all mighty manual and Johan‘s configuration tool.

When MacOS 10.5 menus are unreadable and everything keeps crashing

For more than two weeks I was having a problem on my MacBook Air. At one point I magically fixed it going in Safe Boot (holding shift between boot sound and Apple logo), but I couldn’t pin-point the problem. Lucky I was again sleepless tonight, and I fixed it!

What was the problem? I created a second account last month to separate work stuff on a FileVaulted home directory, worked great. But at one point my other ‘normal’ account was behaving very weird. Everything kept crashing, and even worse.. look for yourself:
Menu’s are not working, starting applications immediately crash; maybe remote login would have worked, but I didn’t bother trying that really.
Lucky I had my second account, and here comes my tip: Make sure you have at least 1 clean account which has Admin rights which you do not touch unless there is trouble. See it as the root account on UNIX which you shouldn’t use (right).
So, my newly created account worked fine. Looking further I found in the logs the ATSServer was continuously crashing:
Oct 13 00:39:52 air[109]: ATSServer(109,0xa0502fa0) malloc:
*** error for object 0x843000: incorrect checksum for freed object -
object was probably modified after being freed.
I cleaned up the databases using atsutils, checked the fonts and all was apparently OK. However, didn’t fix it. Turned off TimeMachine, no go.. Well, I did most of the stuff I found online.
Also the fresh security update for Mac OS 10.5 didn’t help.
In the end, I did something very simple to fix it, but not solve it, which is frustrating:
 # sudo su - geert
$ mv ~/Library/Cache ~/Library/Cache.bak
The next login was very fast! And it fixed the problems! So, something was corrupted in that cache. I’m sure, if I put it back, it will again give issues.
I’m a Support Engineer, and I would probably do this when I was working for Apple. Mmm… Maybe I’ll do it, and move every directory back that was in the Cache trying to pinpoint it.. But not now! Zzzz…