VirtualBox juggling order of Network Adapters

It took me a while figuring out why in using VirtualBox I couldn’t get network in a machine configured with 2 network adapters. One was set up to be bridged with the host, the other is a host-only one.
The problem was that in CentOS I configured both assuming that eth0 equals to ‘Adapter 1′, and eth1 ‘Adapter 2′. This is not (always?) the case and juggling it again around made it work. Now ‘Adapter 2′ is eth0.
Now off to the real work and playing again with DRBD and MySQL, virtually!

Another Milestone passed

Past week I reached another milestone in my ‘body transformation’. Since last year I came down from about 100kg (220 pounds) to ±85kg (187 pounds). It’s been a great experience and I’m able to squeeze into (European) Medium sized t-shirt. Sometimes even small size sport wear!
The milestone was finishing the HVB CityLauf in Aschaffenburg. It’s a 7.9km run, 5 rounds through the city. The D-group started about 18:30 with a few drops; it ended with all being soaked by the pouring rain. I did it in 46 minutes, with a 50m walking break during the last round (which was a very good call from me). It was probably the cheering that helped me running it that fast. Ilka and Pia supported me while waiting for Tomas to start in the C-group (he did it in 36 minutes!).
Off to my next milestone, which isn’t well defined, but meanwhile I’m trying to get my body even further down to 78kg, but it’s getting harder.

In love with Kraków!

It's been a drag the last few hours in the airport and now on the plane. I’m leaving Kraków, but not only the city conquered my heart..
A long weekend on vacation with probably the peek being the first night out. Bitching about how it was not my kind of music, I gave in and danced on music that would otherwise scare me away! It must have been the dancing partner, really. Special time, want to do it again! The next days were just great! The breakfast at 14:00 was amazing, for example.
Great time in Rostock/Hamburg, nice time at home in Aschaffenburg, and 3 cherries on top in Kraków: it all adds up for an unforgettable week!
I feel good! One day it will be a one-way ticket!

AMOOCON, the Open-Source VoIP Conference

I must admit that I’m a bit lost when people are starting to discuss during the Q&A of presentations, here at AMOOCON, Rostock (Germany). The PBX or ‘business communication’ world is a bit unknown to me, but hearing that the Open Source solutions are market leader in North America came as a surprise. 88% of this share is Asterisk. This fact was for me the most remarkable thing to remember from Mark Spencer‘s keynote.
Jim Van Meggelen talked about high availability in setups using PBX. It’s more an ongoing exercise using Linux Heartbeat, patching cables and other stuff. The database part is tricky, he mentioned, but I’ve commented that moving this out and using MySQL Cluster could solve this. Replication would however be a better because it is easier. Talking to Tim Panton I agreed that MySQL Cluster would add more complexity.
Lenz Grimmer gave an excellent overview on how to achieve (near) high availability using MySQL. Pity his talk collided with the lunch being served in the corridors. At 16:15 I’m giving my MySQL Cluster talk in 30 minutes. Trying to make people warm using it more!

Open Source Data Center conference: wrap-up

Last week the first edition of the Open Source Data Center conference (or OSDC) took place in Nuremberg, Germany. It was organized by Netways, who are also doing the Nagios conference. They indeed know how to organize! I was quite sick that day, and had to leave the second day for home.
Talks were mixed. I learned about Puppet, and I wish I had it during the years I was a sys-admin. Kristian gave a nice overview on how they do things at, and bashed a bit on our MySQL Enterprise Monitor, but he’s allowed!
My talk about MySQL Cluster was apparently well received. I asked who liked beer, and all responsed. At least all were awake at the start!
I hope more folks will show up next year, if Netways is doing it again.