I am inhuman, I am a pacifist

This is my summary of what humanity is all about.

I am inhuman, I am a pacifist.

Editors gig in Aschaffenburg (DE)

Yesterday, Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg became the epicenter for a select number of Editors fans. From all over Germany (and outside) people came to sweat during the only gig Editors were doing in Germany. The venue was great to get intimate.


So far all reactions were positive and people that just discovered them enjoyed. It was bringing back memories of Joy Division for a few! It was a good set, about an hour and a half, just right. You know, like a steak or paprika well done.
I made few pictures with my new, pocket camera, a IXUS 980 IS. Not matching my SLRs, but at least I could shake without worrying about the glass. Oh, and even a video!
A great evening it was! Ah, and great pizza too!

Hiding MySQL passwords in the General Query Log

There are situations where the General Query Log has to be kept running. One problem here is that when creating MySQL users and setting a passwords, it will be logged in clear text. There is a bug/feature request handling this. Here is my workaround using MySQL 5.1 (and higher).

mysql> CREATE USER geert;
mysql> SELECT 'Password setting hidden';
mysql> SET SESSION sql_log_off = 1;
mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR geert = PASSWORD('asdf');
mysql> SET SESSION sql_log_off = 0;

The SELECT is just handy to put in a note in the log file so the reader knows what happens. The above statements produce the following lines in the General Query Log:

090623 15:24:24 3 Query CREATE USER geert
090623 15:24:33 3 Query SELECT 'Password setting hidden'
090623 15:24:41 3 Query SET SESSION sql_log_off = 1

Things I wrote, Things I said

“I’m not looking for the meaning of life. I’m looking for an excuse to be offline.”

“Life ends when there are no more first times.”

“If life’s a bitch, then I wish I had one.”

“I’m a motorcade through empty streets.”

“Keep your expectations low to enjoy moments even more.”

“Better one woman in your heart than ten in your head.”

“I have a voice in my head, mine.. and it seems I forget, to listen from time to time.”


Temptation is haunting my head
It’s keeping me a stranger to my bed
Tormenting me like a nightmare
It’s making the moment hard to bare

I have this grip in my fingers
and a smell that lingers
I have this taste on my tongue
and mind blowing song

Temptation is all around
It’s waiting to be found
Dwelling inside and showing
It’s crawling and crawling