Routes, crossings and pace.

We’re all following our own paths while we are strolling Earth. Most are free to turn or go back whenever they want. Others are bound to tradition, habits or even forced to go down an unwanted, dark alley.
This is all going on pretty much at the same time, randomly in parallel. Lots of us cross at intersections, at turns or see each other from the opposite riverbank. We utter our helloes or just bypass. We meet friends, we bump into enemies. We write postcards or send emails to keep in touch with travelers going or staying.
At a certain point, however, we take a different pace, because suddenly we walk along side a special traveler. Someone going a similar route. You feel that whenever the other turns slightly away, you’ll meet again a moment later. You found yourself a companion going beside you. One falls, the other helps. You cry and you laugh; agree and disagree. Sometimes you’ll find a sea between the both of you, but your journey will always bring you back together.
I have found this companion.

All this whining about the MySQL docs..


Come on! It’s ready for download, so if is up, first thing you do? Yes, that’s right: download the manual!
I have my copy incase I’m offline, on a train, or just on a UMTS connection where I have to save on bytes. Searching is a pain, but at least I manage.

Offline! Think Offline! And think that you, at your desk, can be offline as well, alone, with your precious machines. If you are a DBA, and have a clue, download it!

Enough ranting. I’ll probably get bad notes with this post.. but djee.. Now back to my chicken which is cooking in the oven!

A workday between us

19:44 and the days are getting noticeably shorter. I stopped reading five minutes ago and been looking outside the room of my girlfriend’s room. Kids are playing near a school, the streets are mildly busy with people rushing home. Looking at my phone I’m somehow getting worried. I know my girlfriend has to work late, but it’s already later than that. I want to call her and ask if she’s alright. Maybe she is already strolling along the river right now, I am reassuring myself, relaxing from a busy workday.
Should I really call her? Would it be silly to just check on her? Maybe I’ll sound to much like a control-freak? Only a workday between us, and I miss her!
Almost 20:00, I call her: she is OK and will be home in like half an hour. Life’s good!

Getting online in Poland using 3G

There are few mobile operators in Poland, but you got to watch a bit the prices and the bonuses you get. I went for Play Mobile (Polish only) for a 3G connection, and ERA (some English) for mobile phone (because my lovely girlfriend uses that).

Play has some decent pre-paid ‘na Kartę’ solutions and have good coverage (I think they use ERA?). You can buy a starter package for only 19 PLN (4.17 EUR) in lots of shops, for example in Kraków GSMCentral (maps). This ‘Starter’ gives you instant access and you pay 0.03 PLN (3gr or 0.006 EUR) for 100Kb traffic. Currently, there is a bonus of 1Gb on your first connect/reconnect. After this, you top it up for 50 PLN, for example, and get more than 4Gb, valid for 56 days.
The Play package comes with enough English instructions to get you going. The URLs, however, are all pointing to Polish websites and you’ll need a Polish bank account for recharge it online. No worries, there are enough shops where you can buy the so called ‘scratch cards’ which has a code you need to send via SMS.
For Mac OS X users: I’m using a USB Modem Huawei sold by Play which is apparently not locked. Software installs, and connects right away. You don’t really need the Play software, but it installs the modem driver. One problem with the Huawei stick is that it doesn’t fit nice in my MacBook Air’s USB.

It was quite a challenge to get information through Polish websites, and you got to be lucky bumping into people speaking English in shops, here in Kraków. However, Google Translate was a great help, as well as friends, colleagues, their contacts!

We work indeed from everywhere, ‘here’ at MySQL!

Disabling binary logging when restoring a MySQL dump

There is a cool option for mysqlbinlog for disabling the binary log when doing recovery using binary logs, namely –disable-log-bin. How, one would think it is also avialable for something like mysqldump or even the mysql CLI? Nope. There are various ways for doing this, here is one:

 shell> (echo "SET SESSION SQL_LOG_BIN=0;"; cat dump.sql) > dump_nobinlog.sql

Obviously, bit pain for really big files, and when dumping to multiple files. So what is your favorite way for disabling binary logging when restoring a MySQL dump?