MySQL Connector/Python 0.1.3-devel available

MySQL Connector/Python v0.1.3-devel is now available for download from Please note that this is a development (i.e. alpha, unstable, ..) release and we welcome everyone to test and report problems.

Highlights for this v0.1.3-devel:

  • Important memory leak fixed when closing cursors.
  • Warnings can now be raised as exceptions.
  • Fixing unicode usage and broken error message when MySQL chops them
  • Client flags can now be set correctly when connecting
  • Conversion fixes for BIT/YEARSET and Python to DATE/DATETIME
  • Adding MySQL Client Errors and raising better exceptions based on errno.


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Small status on SQLAlchemy and MySQL Connector/Python

Using SQLAlchemy unit test cases to further develop MySQL Connector/Python. It’s probably debatable whether that’s a good method or just lame. But it sure helps lots!

We’ve been pushing some code past days that makes Connector/Python almost pass all tests. Well, 4% is still failing, but I’m confident that in a few most problems will be dealt with. I had to make some changes to the SQLAlchemy v0.6 dialect as well, and some test cases had to be corrected. Hopefully those corrections will also go in the SQLAlchemy trunk later on.

shell> nosetests --dburi=mysql+mysqlconnector://root:@localhost/sqlalchemy
Ran 2092 tests in 314.656s

FAILED (errors=72, failures=11)

If you run the same tests against MySQLdb, you’ll see (of course) less failures (9 to be exact).

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FOSDEM 2010: Python sneaks into the MySQL DevRoom!

FOSDEM 2010, Sunday 7 February, the MySQL Developer Room packed with 12 talks! And this year we serve Python just before the lunch break.

In 20 minutes I’ll try to give an overview of the drivers currently available for connecting your Python applications with MySQL. Incase you wonder, this will not evolve around MySQL Connector/Python alone!

We’ll also go over some frameworks and tools like SQLAlchemy.

20 minutes, it’s not much, but should be enough. I hope to get a similar talk accepted for the MySQL Conference&Expo 2010.

Going chemical: SQLAlchemy and MySQL Connector/Python!

Last week I took SQLAlchemy v0.6 out of its trunk and tested it again with our MySQL Connector/Python. And surprise! SQLAlchemy comes with a ‘dialect‘ supporting it! Nice!

However, we’re still a long way on making it work. I found some additional problems which need to be fixed first.

shell> nosetests --dburi=mysql+mysqlconnector://root:@localhost/sqlalchemy \
Ran 32 tests in 4.507s

FAILED (errors=6, failures=1)

Oh, there were more errors and failures and all that due to bugs in MySQL Connector/Python. There were already some modification to the dialect (e.g. name change), and there might be some more.

If we got this sorted, Turbogears should work too!

MySQL 5.1.42 available for MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

A few days ago MySQL 5.1.42 got released and it is now available with builds for MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)! The download website doesn’t show it yet, but if you are burning to try, you can get it from the mirror-picking-website.

As usual, don’t forget to checkout the changelog before upgrading!

If you want to compile it yourself, and need a universal binary, you could try my previous blog entry «Building MySQL universal binaries using MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)».