A new dutch word? ‘avonkuren’

Day in, day out, I speak, read, write, love, in English. My mother tongue, however, is Dutch (not Flemish *spit*). Today, I was finalizing the handwritten letter to my grandmother and reading up a message from my sister, I came up with a new Dutch word. Oh, it might already exist, but Google doesn’t know about it yet (unless for the typos).

avonkuren: avonturen + kuren .. doing crazy stuff while going through life

Oh, and now back cooking.

A reason for these weird product or website names..

You’ve see them, those product/website names meaning nothing but making millions. Names which seem to come from stupid teenagers writing short messages on their phones.. Today I figured out a possible reason why we have such names.

I’m brainstorming a new project and came up with a good name to brand it. The problem? Assholes have parked any combination of the name for most top domains out there.

There you go: a good idea down the drain.. Or I’ll just come up with a weird name and hope people will forgive me. Buying the domain? LOL.

There are only bad habits

Vacation, and the mind is free. Then I scribble something, unleash it upon Earth where only a handful might read it:

Stop for a moment
And watch around
Hush for a second
And hear the sound

Think of your past step
And watch the road ahead
Pick up a fight
And try to flight

Break your habits
Stop living by one’s wits
Take another curve
And make some surf

How do you name the device found in your pocket?

Since a few decades, humanity got more and more cursed and/or blessed with a little device now fitting perfectly in a trousers’ pocket or womon’s purse. But how do you call it these days? Here are some possibilities which crossed my mind:

  • Mobile
  • GSM
  • Handy (German)
  • iPhone
  • MP3 player
  • Walkman
  • PDA
  • Alarm
  • some kind of berry
  • Book
  • .. or.. Phone?

I just read my first book using Amazon Kindle on my iPhone. Although odd at first, it was surprisingly pleasant. Old books mind you, like ‘Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’. I still prefer the normal, papered books, but reading using one’s phone is sometimes handy (pun intended). Suddenly, my phone turned into a .. a book.