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I had some doubts yesterday about what to do in the next morning. At least at work I know what to expect, but on vacation I fear to get bored the next days. Maybe I should revise the way I actually do vacation.

Just like yesterday I started out early. The sun has been a problem for making pictures so I try to go when the sunlight is not so intense yet. Today it was Palacio Real getting shot.

Another accomplishment today was eating Chocolate con Churros. However, it will be a one time endeavor for me: fried stuff with chocolate is just way to much fat! I washed it all away with an Americano (black coffee) and I’m now off to La Castellana.

2 thoughts on “Churros

  1. Jan

    THE spot to eat Churros con chocolate in Madrid is the Chocolatería San Ginés – not far from Plaza Major / Sol …

    But go early enough, the place gets packed around 4pm…

  2. Geert JM Vanderkelen


    THAT spot was still closed past 09:00.. and I didn't bother waiting. I took the one next to it, and when I finished, San Ginés opened, huh.
    My sis told me that I had to eat it at San Ginés, but well..

    .. pure fat, no taste, nothing for me! </personal opinion>

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