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Feedback on MySQL Cluster talk at FOSDEM?

Feedback on MySQL Cluster talk at FOSDEM?

Today I gave an introduction talk of MySQL Cluster at FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels. The room was full and I didn’t see anyone dozing!
A good feedback later on was to show more usecases. This a good point and I think on working on a talk showing less how it works, but how it can be used. Doing both technical details and use-cases is hard to do in 50 mintes.
I feedback is appriciated!

BTW, slide will eventually come online somewhere..

3 thoughts on “Feedback on MySQL Cluster talk at FOSDEM?

  1. Erik Vanderhasselt

    The talk was great, the room was actually too small to fit everybody inside. It explained the basic concepts of clustering in MySQL. Thank you for comming to FOSDEM.

  2. Ghosty

    Good talk (and good chat after the talk also in the hallways), Just some more explication of possible use cases could be interesting maybe.

  3. Dieter_be

    Well you can't please everyone :)
    Some people may have never heard of mysql cluster, others may know more about it or even use it and hope to see a more in-depth technical presentation.

    It's a hard choice speakers have to make :)

    Dieter_be (what-exactly-does-a-mysql-support-engineer-do Dieter)

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