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FOSDEM: ‘Connecting MySQL and Python’, handout & wrap-up

FOSDEM: ‘Connecting MySQL and Python’, handout & wrap-up

Apparently, my talk at FOSDEM 2010 about Connecting MySQL and Python was the only one about Python? There should be more, or?

I have a hand-out ready in PDF. The slides are not usable without my chatter. It contains a few examples and links. Any comments, corrections, criticism.. are welcome!

The longer version of this talk will be given at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference&Expo 2010 in Santa Clara, California (USA).

3 thoughts on “FOSDEM: ‘Connecting MySQL and Python’, handout & wrap-up

  1. jay

    I was in the audience at Fosdem2010. I enjoyed your talk, thanks. Nice to get a clear overview of the options we have to connect Python and MySQL.

    I have a question which came to me when i was already home. You didn't really speak about performance if i recall correctly. How does MySQL Connector/Python stack up to MySQLdb preformance-wise? Have you run any tests?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Geert JM Vanderkelen

    @Jay: Thank you for your kind words! I tried the 'Zen' approach, and this was my first try in this format.

    About your question, it was also raised during the talk. MySQL Connector/Python will have a performance penalty, but I'm hopeful to reduce it and make it as good as the interfaces using libmysqlclient.

    There was a similar question on Launchpad, which I answered yesterday.

    Hope this helps! Any tips to make the Python code faster without resorting to C, are welcome.

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