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Importing from iPod to iTunes?

Importing from iPod to iTunes?

I’m using my own iPod to get my own music to my own iTunes on my PowerBook: it does not work! You can’t just simply select an album and import drag and dropping it into your Library.

Maybe I’m missing an option somewhere. I really don’t want to sync automatically because that means you will mostly loose all your music on your iPod first (see previous post)..

Anyway, I’m doing tricks by showing all hidden files in Finder, then copy them to disk. After that, I’m just importing all the files into iTunes. You need to import all of them because the file names are totally useless on the iPod!

Cool tools, but sometimes it’s brainless. I think Apple doesn’t know yet people actually have 2 or 3 or more Apples at home. iPhoto is also such a crazy tool not letting you share easily.

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