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Moving away from MobileMe, going Google

Moving away from MobileMe, going Google

I’m moving away from MobileMe, after being a .Mac user for a year..

Push doesn’t work as it should, maybe it’s a bit early to give up on it, but the magic is gone. 100 EUR for such a lame service is not worth it. And a website everyone else has for writing emails, is not going to help..
I’m gong to try Spanning Sync or other tools and use Google Calendar and Contacts. Syncing my iPhone normally using iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Moving away from MobileMe, going Google

  1. SeJo


    You can use nemusync on the iphone with gogle calendar, works like a charm.
    However no contact syncing yet (will be in future release)



  2. Geert JM Vanderkelen

    nemusync looks suspicious, sorry. Also, I'm not using a cracked iPhone..

    SpanningSync 2.0-beta does sync contacts, with pictures!

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