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MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.9 available for download

MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.9 available for download

Today we released MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.9. Release notes can be found in the MySQL Developver Zone.

Connector/Python v1.0.9 contains some important fixes, especially for the Windows platform. It also comes with a new connection argument called force_ipv6, and can be used to force IPv6 when an address resolves to both IPv4 and v6. Also, RPM packages have been made available in addition to the TAR/ZIP and MSI packages.

Please use the MySQL Bugs website to report any problem.

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7 thoughts on “MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.9 available for download

  1. zhang

    Hi Geert,

    mysql-connector-python dose not support last_insert_id yet, right? I could not find any function about it in refman.


  2. Geert Vanderkelen Post author

    It is.. indeed not in the documentation. That’s something we need to fix.
    However, it is part of PEP-249, and it is a cursor property called ‘lastrowid’


    >>> import mysql.connector
    >>> cnx = mysql.connector.connect(…….)
    >>> cur = cnx.cursor()
    >>> cur.execute(“INSERT INTO t1 (c1) VALUES (‘ham’)”)
    >>> cur.lastrowid

  3. zhang is cool

    this afternoon I also tried lastrowid like MySQLdb. It is excited to me that *SHE* is already there :P
    rowcount is also available even though it is yet to document.


  4. zhang

    sorry…many questions

    I am puzzled about with_rows. “This read-only property will return True when the result of the executed operation provides rows.” — from RefMan But, as follow is :

    query = (“select name from test_innodb where age > 100″) ## empty rows

    for result in cur.execute(query):
    if result.with_rows:
    print (“Statement: {0}”.format(result.statement))

    I found result.with_rows was always True if query is just SELECT statement whose result is empty or not.


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