The Dragon and The River

For a long time, the Dragon of Kraków has been fiercely protecting its den under the Wavel Hill spewing flames. An attraction for lots, a legend for many: day in, day out it is admired.

Dragon's Breath

From time to time however, flames are no match for water. When rain reigns the sky and falls down to grow the mighty rivers, the dragon stands powerless. People and cameras turn their backs on it to watch the Vistula raise and flow rapidly.

Dragon is forgotten: Wisła gets all attention

The Dragon of Kraków stands there, forgotten, ignored.. Probably wondering how flooded its cave is.

If you could send 1 SMS to everyone on Earth, what’d it say?

Imagine you are sitting at some high-tech computer and you are given the opportunity to send everyone on Earth 1 SMS. What would you say using only 140 characters?

It’s an unlikely event, but it’s technically not impossible. Not everyone will receive it at the exact same moment, but it will eventually reach almost everyone on this planet. SMS is probably the most direct way to contact people. Forget e-mail, forget Twitter or Facebook, gosh, forget Television! Most people on Earth have a some mobile communication device and they have it usually all the time with them.

It’s an exercise. It’s fun. It is also powerful, maybe scary. But if you could send 1 SMS to everyone on Earth, what would it say?


Sometimes I say things worth blogging:

If you know something is coming, don’t wait for it.

A new dutch word? ‘avonkuren’

Day in, day out, I speak, read, write, love, in English. My mother tongue, however, is Dutch (not Flemish *spit*). Today, I was finalizing the handwritten letter to my grandmother and reading up a message from my sister, I came up with a new Dutch word. Oh, it might already exist, but Google doesn’t know about it yet (unless for the typos).

avonkuren: avonturen + kuren .. doing crazy stuff while going through life

Oh, and now back cooking.

There are only bad habits

Vacation, and the mind is free. Then I scribble something, unleash it upon Earth where only a handful might read it:

Stop for a moment
And watch around
Hush for a second
And hear the sound

Think of your past step
And watch the road ahead
Pick up a fight
And try to flight

Break your habits
Stop living by one’s wits
Take another curve
And make some surf