Time Machine unreliable?

Yesterday I restored my iTune library from a backup after an external drive gave failures. The only thing that changed is the firewire drive is now 1Tb instead of 250Gb. At the moment of restore I could still see old backups from months ago.
Today, Time Machine complained about it not having enough space. So, I opened up the Time Machine interface to remove some very old stuff.. Surprise! All backups are gone! Only a full backup from yesterday night is there, from which I restored my tunes..
Very, very annoying. Looking around, I can’t find anything back in Finder or in the Terminal. My Air’s sparse bundle is still there (backed up through network), but before 2009-02-21 it’s all gone. Did I say this was annoying? I’m not trusting it to much anymore (you should never trust any backup anyway).

Restoring backup to new external drive using Time Machine

Waking up this morning I found my external rugged, firewire Lacie drive giving an error. It said: “The disk ” was not repairable by this computer. …” Did I panic? Of course not, I have Time Machine backing up my stuff! The problem: I had no room to restore it and it failed to restore on the external driving giving a weird ‘Error 0′. I bought a new external Western Digital 1TB drive, but how to restore from Time Machine on this new disk?
Well, it’s a simple trick really.

  1. Note the name you gave the failing disk and eject it.
  2. Plug in your new disk, format if needed, and give it the name of your old disk.
  3. In Finder, select the new drive and open Time Machine (should bein your dock, otherwise go to Applications.
  4. Once in Time Machine, just select what you want to restore, and restore it!
  5. After a while (which could be long), it should be there!

I had to restore my iTunes library!
BACKUP! MAKE BACKUPS! BUT! MAKE SURE YOU CAN RESTORE THEM! Test your Time Machine, or whatever solution you use, restoring old files from time to time.