The wrapped jumbo prawns

The USA is not particulary famous for its cuisine. I must admit that it has been quite good the past 10 days. The Angus Burger at Hyatt, with mushrooms? Yummy!

Today I saw KFC advertising a new sandwish. All chicken, with cheese, with bacon in the middle. That’s right: bacon.

This evening I went for pasta at the restaurant. I started with chowder, which was great. Then the entree (maindish in US, go figure). Tagiatelle topped with prawns, jumbo ones. Ladies & gents, the sea creatures were wrapped in bacon.

It was good though.

Must go restaurant: Sobrino de Botín

Plain simple food, served quite quickly, good service, very nice setting: Sobrino de Botín. It’s in Calle Cuchilleros, southwest of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.
It’s the oldest, still running restaurant in the world, dating 1725. There is actually evidence that the house was used as eating place since 1590. Goya worked there as dishwasher, Hemingway loved it, and me, I was just melting on my Tarta Botín.

Tarta Botín

No, it’s not pricy. For two persons, just main courses, 1/2 Jarre Sangria, bottle of water, and dessert, we had for about 60 EUR. That’s NOT much if you see the place! And you get something on your plate, not just an olive sized curiosity!
Funny fact: the waiter took away the Visa and came back for a signature. He actually gave it to me to sign, but I pointed to my sister who was paying! His expression was like first confused, then surprised, then gentle and looking to me like “wuh!?”. 


I found out that when you wait for one particular sushi to come by the belt, you’ll eat lots of others.. And when the one you waited for at last comes: you’re stuffed (and broke too).

Moral: Don’t set you mind on one sushi, enjoy them all!

(Btw, I was waiting for a Tamago and my friends were making fun of me.. *cry*)

Cheap food turns out to be bad food

Yesterday I bought frozen fish from a brand called ‘Ja!’ (famous in Germany I guess) which was half the price of the same thing of ‘Iglo’ (which I usually buy). I thought I’d give it a try as it could save me some money.

These are actually ready made dishes you put in the microwave and it’s ready in 18 minutes or so. The Iglo ones never failed me.

Preparing the food, the instruction on the box were wrong: 12min at 600W. That’s way not good! At least 17min at 650W is better.
But, bad luck. After about an hour I ate this cheap fish yesterday, I felt something odd in my stomach.. Then later a bit further down.. and today I’m sitting on the toilet.

I know this can happen, but it really shouldn’t. The toilet paper of ‘Ja!’ is good enough, but for frozen fish I’ll stick with the good old ‘Iglo’!

(yes yes, fresh is better.. but fresh ain’t available all the time and definitely not close buy)

Boiling rice with MultiGourmet of Braun

I bought a package of Uncle Ben’s rice in such cooking bags (not sure how it is called in english). It says to boil it for 10 minutes in water. So, since I only have a steamer and I know it’s possible, I tried it out.

You put the rice black thing of the Braun MultiGourmet in place filled with just enough water to cover the bag. The steaming time is about 40 minutes (I did first 20minutes then again 20 to test it).

That is basically it! I didn’t found to much info about it on the net about this, so that’s why I’m logging this.