FOSDEM: ‘Connecting MySQL and Python’, handout & wrap-up

Apparently, my talk at FOSDEM 2010 about Connecting MySQL and Python was the only one about Python? There should be more, or?

I have a hand-out ready in PDF. The slides are not usable without my chatter. It contains a few examples and links. Any comments, corrections, criticism.. are welcome!

The longer version of this talk will be given at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference&Expo 2010 in Santa Clara, California (USA).

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FOSDEM: Change: Python/MySQL talk at 14:45 in MySQL Dev Room

Today we made a change in the schedule of talks held in the MySQL Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010, swapping two talks. Change is:

The printed booklets found at the conference will not reflect the change, but the printable schedule has already been updated.

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FOSDEM 2010: Python sneaks into the MySQL DevRoom!

FOSDEM 2010, Sunday 7 February, the MySQL Developer Room packed with 12 talks! And this year we serve Python just before the lunch break.

In 20 minutes I’ll try to give an overview of the drivers currently available for connecting your Python applications with MySQL. Incase you wonder, this will not evolve around MySQL Connector/Python alone!

We’ll also go over some frameworks and tools like SQLAlchemy.

20 minutes, it’s not much, but should be enough. I hope to get a similar talk accepted for the MySQL Conference&Expo 2010.

Feedback on MySQL Cluster talk at FOSDEM?

Today I gave an introduction talk of MySQL Cluster at FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels. The room was full and I didn’t see anyone dozing!
A good feedback later on was to show more usecases. This a good point and I think on working on a talk showing less how it works, but how it can be used. Doing both technical details and use-cases is hard to do in 50 mintes.
I feedback is appriciated!

BTW, slide will eventually come online somewhere..

My summary of FOSDEM 2008

I came home very tired yesterday, just walking around as a big MySQL billboard and I left with mixed feelings really.

First feelings were Happiness + Anger (=Love??). I had a nice dinner with Bruce and Magnus (PostgreSQL) on Thursday, met others at their booth and attended a few talks both Saturday and Sunday. I’m interested in their stuff, I do like PostgreSQL, just like probably everyone else in MySQL. But, I got very angry about 2 remarks made in the DevRoom: “MySQL loses data” and the infamous and idiotic “MySQL has no transactions”. FFS! The latter was corrected on the spot, that REALLY pissed me off (remark made by non-PostgreSQL crew btw).
Anyway, overall, I did like what I was hearing, the project is going well, and lots of cool stuff coming in! Very nice! Funny thing though: “Who’s using Partitioning?”, one guy (as far as I could see) put up his finger.

Next feeling: Amazed! Drupal! I don’t like PHP, bah, in fact, I’m happy I’m not doing it anymore. But what Drupal is doing there, and the attention it gets is just great! I really liked what I heard and the way it’s used to teach Managers about web design (or something) is pretty cool. MySQL Cluster was tried, but it can’t fit a moderate Drupal database. This is pretty normal, and the talk of Kris Buytaert actually mentioned alternatives (Master-Master replication, MySQL Proxy, ..) to overcome this. I had the opportunity to actually tell the crowd that MySQL ain’t just for small websites.. Another one of these lies and myths..

Last feeling for the future: hopeful! Yes, I tried to get us a place in FOSDEM next year, and it looks like it might getting somewhere! We should have a DevRoom there! *hint*!

Interesting is also a new PHP user group getting formed, but that will get some attention later on. I’ll try to help the guys out to get it running. Meeting up with Patrick from Sun was also great. Seeing old friends, drinking a beer (Duvel, counts for 3), and surviving wearing a MySQL shirt. My colleagues kept lower profile, hehe, I felt like a billboard.