Most popular websites are just broken: no language option!

So, I’m in Poland right now. I check my Google account: it’s in Polish. No way to set it in English, though my browser preferences are set so. You would have thought smart people work at Google, right? No, the broken way to set language: based on IP address. What’s even more idiotic is the fact that you can’t actually change to English (or your favorite language). (see screenshot)

Google, I like your services, but this one totally disappointed me. With all the smart people working there, not one figured out that people actually travel?

To all other websites that just switch language based on IP Address: my thumbs down! Show at least a language option! (Lots do BTW)

Fixing iPhoto’s AlbumData.xml for importing into Google’s Picasa

Yesterday I gave Google’s Picasa again a try. Importing my iPhoto library I ran into the now infamous error message: “corrupted AlbumData.xml”. The Apple support website has some tips on how to fix this, but it’s too vague. Luckily there are smart people out there and I stumbled upon a good way in the Picasa help forums to debug your AlbumData.xml using TextWrangler.

  1. Install TextWrangler if you haven’t already.
  2. Open your iPhoto Library using Finder: right-click (Ctrl-Click) and select ‘Show Package Contents’. Copy the AlbumData.xml file to your desktop.
  3. Open the AlbumData.xml from on your Desktop using TextWrangler.
  4. From the Text-menu, choose ‘Zap Gremlins’.
  5. Deselect ‘Non-ASCII Characters’ and select ‘Replace with: •’.
  6. Wait for TextWrangler to finish the zapping! Can take a while.
  7. When done, search (Cmd-f) for occurrence of the • (Option-8)
  8. Open iPhoto and fix wherever you find a dot in the copy of AlbumData.xml

If you are lucky, you’ll find quickly the character that is bugging Picasa. I had only one of these Gremlins in the XML file.

So, I gave Picasa a try, but it failed importing captions of the pictures, only tags. I haven’t found a fix/workaround for that, so it’s a no-go for me still.

Google Mail Notifier for Mac gone, apparently

Today I got fed up with the Google Mail Notifier for Mac. Google is distributing a DMG package with only an script which opens again the website were you can download.. that same package!

Well, today I started out making my own notifier. I’ll put it online when it is a bit mature. Silly stuff really. Now I need to have the Keychain working and making sure it gets in the status bar.

Sharing my running and cycling stats

I’ve been on a diet since February 2008, and lost like 12 kilo (that’s about 26 pounds). And damn I feel good!

Actually, I should still lose another 10 kilo but I tried to do some running, and now I can’t stop! Taking the bicycle and going for a drive for an hour along the Main (river) is also no issue!
Also, I’m keeping track now of the exercises using my Polar F6 and data is now also online using Google documents! No, I’m not going to start using these special community tools like Polar and Nike has.
Go me!

Moving away from MobileMe, going Google

I’m moving away from MobileMe, after being a .Mac user for a year..

Push doesn’t work as it should, maybe it’s a bit early to give up on it, but the magic is gone. 100 EUR for such a lame service is not worth it. And a website everyone else has for writing emails, is not going to help..
I’m gong to try Spanning Sync or other tools and use Google Calendar and Contacts. Syncing my iPhone normally using iTunes.