Tomas and the Pearl Jam body

Last year I bought a Pearl Jam baby body at the Rock Werchter Festival. Our baby boy wasn’t born yet, but we waited patiently.. until today! Lucky my wife washed and put it on because it might have been too small in 2 weeks.

Pearl Jam fans

Not sure Tomas will be a fan of Pearl Jam, but the black suits him well. Oh, and on his bottom it says “I got shit”. Pearl Jam fans know.

Doing laundry.. with a tripod!

Today I figured I needed something to hanging my shirts indoors. After some running around in my home and a cup of coffee, I stumbled upon.. my tripod! This Manfrotto tripod can do nifty things, and now it also dries my laundry!

Tripod and Laundry: a cheap, ecological hack

My 5 Macs again without wifi, all at once

Again something mysterious that I thought was solved buying a new router (Linksys WRT160N, don’t buy BTW). Suddenly, my 5 Macs (2 iMac’s, Air, PowerBook and iPhone) can’t connect wirelessly, again.

It’s SO frustrating, and any solution given online, turns to be no solution at all. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s just because of to much wireless networks around me? I only see 4 or 5 of them, of those that I can see that is..

No, and changing MTU stuff doesn’t help..

Nov 4 21:11:19 air airportd[4092]: Error: Apple80211Associate() failed -6
Nov 4 21:11:19 air SystemUIServer[3924]: Error: airportd MIG failed = -6 ((null)) (port = 69675)

I’m really getting tired of this.. and I’ll look into cable again.. which sucks at my place..

UPDATE: frustrated I went on kicking away my Linksys and using again only my Fritz!Box router. It didn’t work right away, but after changing to WPA and keeping trying and trying.. it magically started to work again.. ARGH

No motorcade coming home.. but home!

Coming home.. No motorcade at the train station, no fanfare along the way, no banners on my windows, no arms hugging or tears of joy, but thank goodness: no nasty, bad smell!

Last time I came home I opened the door and.. BAAAWWW.. forgot to put the trash outside! This time all was fine, except of course I forgot a half drunken coffee mug. It was already having a little fun on its own, creating life.
Ah, and the laundry is dry too!
And now off to my friends.. it’s raining.. Mmm… think I miss Madrid a bit, really.

Where is Winter, oh, Winter where are you..

This picture was taken on the only snowy day we had so far during winter 2007-2008 in Aschaffenburg (Germany). Good I went out for a walk back then. It might be the only real winter experience we got here..