ATSServer going crazy opening OpenOffice 3

Yesterday I had to open OpenOffice spreadsheets and at some point I couldn’t anymore on my MacBook Air. Still on the beta, I installed the latest OpenOffice 3 stable, but no dice. My system went on to behave totally crazy again!

Now, today I tried fist to clean up the font databases. It didn’t prove to work for my previous problem, but well:

shell> sudo atsutil databases -removeUser

Now OpenOffice is happy and the ATSServer doesn’t go nuts on my CPU! Hopefully it will stay this way..

UPDATE: that didn’t work for my other account.. So, I went on removing some more stuff:

shell> sudo rm -Rf /private/var/folders/oq/oqUB8ER2GGuDcCkVN-aGqU+++TI/

Seems to go better.. Starting to wear me out..

Hyperlink cells in OpenOffice using Find/Replace

I’m using spreadsheets from time to time to keep minutes of phone calls. Definitely not the best way to do it, but.. well..

In these spreadsheets I have a column with numbers and I want them to link to a website so it opens up the case the notes are related too. I ended up using ‘Find & Replace’ like this in OpenOffice 3.0 (should work since 2.4):

  • Find: ([0-9]{4,5})
  • Replace: =HYPERLINK("https://yourwebsite.loc/$1"; "$1")

Make sure you switch on the ‘Regular expressions’ in ‘More Options’.

Silly, but it kept me busy for 14 minutes..