Technology slowing us down

With all the new gadgets and modern technology in our pockets and bags, it is great to see that lots of people, including myself, still use ordinary paper maps to find there ways through the city.

It’s been proven that new technology is actually slowing us down. DVD takes 30 seconds, 1sec for a VHS, for example. Or imagine you have to look up a map on your iPad of the Berlin S/U-Bahn. You’ll still be wondering how to get online, and I’m sitting in the hotel writing a blog post.

Farewell Blogger.. Hello WordPress

My blog (and website) is now running on self-hosted WordPress installation. Yeah, it’s a PHP-thing, but I couldn’t bother making my own with Django or similar using Python. No time for that and I’m not a programming-language-radical-idiot.

RSS feeds have changed: you’ll find the link on my new website.

Why I moved away from Blogger? It just plain sucked, and I have had my fill of it..

I needed to create some plugin for WordPress. Existing plugins redirecting old Blogger URLs were not good enough. The code you’ll find below will redirect links from Blogger to the new links in WordPress. Hopefully it helps somebody!

Plugin Name: Redirect Blogger links
Version: 1.0
Plugin URI:
Description: Redirect requests using Blogger links to WordPress link.
Author: Geert Vanderkelen
Author URI:


add_action('init', 'redirect_blogger_links');

function redirect_blogger_links()
  global $wpdb;
  $uri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

  $matches = array();
  if( preg_match('#(/[0-9]{4}/[0-9]{2}/.*\.html)$#', $uri, $m) ) {
    $query = "SELECT post_id FROM $wpdb->postmeta ".
      "WHERE meta_key='blogger_permalink' AND meta_value='".$m[1]."'";
    $post = $wpdb->get_var($query);
    if( $post ) {
      $wp->query_vars = array('p'=>$post);
      $url = get_permalink($post);
    if( isset($url) ) {
      header("Location: $url", true, 301);
      header("Connection: close");


Note: if somebody can optimize it so the plugin only kicks in on links from Blogger, that would be great. It’s now executed on each request, which is a bit overkill.

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On Mother’s Shoulder

Our new born son Tomas on his mother’s shoulder.

On Mother's Shoulder

If you want to see Tomas, or watch more pictures: come visit us!

We will not put baby/kids pictures online

Lots, if not everyone goes crazy about privacy. Well, putting pictures or videos of your baby or kids online is actually invading theirs. Our kid will have the choice later to do whatever he/she likes with the millions of shots we’ve made, just like us, the pre-born mass-Internet kiddoes.

So, this is a call: respect your kid’s privacy and ask if you can expose them when they reached an age they actually understand the consequences. Ask yourself if you’d agree your parents suddenly start to post nude pictures of you in the bathtube when you were 5.


Sometimes I say things worth blogging:

If you know something is coming, don’t wait for it.