MySQL Performance Tuning at PHPBenelux 2011 Conference

I’ll be giving a workshop/tutorial on MySQL Performance Tuning at the PHPBenelux 2011 Conference in Belgium. It’s 3.5 hours and I am sure I can discuss the new MySQL v5.5 release too.

Lots of stuff will be discussed, including configuration, understanding status variables, finding bad queries, schema tips, etc..

If you got particular ideas or concerns and are attending, just leave me message or just comment on this blog post. I’ll see if I can fit it in.

Maybe we can fix the deadlocks in Belgian politics too? Ah, who am I kidding..

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FOSDEM: ‘Connecting MySQL and Python’, handout & wrap-up

Apparently, my talk at FOSDEM 2010 about Connecting MySQL and Python was the only one about Python? There should be more, or?

I have a hand-out ready in PDF. The slides are not usable without my chatter. It contains a few examples and links. Any comments, corrections, criticism.. are welcome!

The longer version of this talk will be given at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference&Expo 2010 in Santa Clara, California (USA).

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