Reading my first eBook on my Palm

Few weeks ago I bought a Palm T|X mainly because I needed an agenda and contact book for on the road. The T|X has Wifi, Bluetooth, SD and a big screen, very nice device.

Last Thursday I decided I wanted to read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. It was evening, no shops open and .. I could not wait! I looked at my Palm, I looked at my PowerBook: eBooks! I went to a website selling them, registering, buying, a bit waiting: et voila! I was reading within a good hour!

Books smell, they are magical in your hands, it’s easier to read.. Blah blah. Reading from my PDA I didn’t miss the paper book at all. It’s just a state of mind. The biggest problem is that you have to charge your device from time to time.

After reading 3 or 4 days, the Sangreal has been found and I stick with eBooks for a while now.

Btw, I think I liked Angles and Demons a bit more. Da Vinci Code just had a more catchy name for basically the same kind of story.

Importing from iPod to iTunes?

I’m using my own iPod to get my own music to my own iTunes on my PowerBook: it does not work! You can’t just simply select an album and import drag and dropping it into your Library.

Maybe I’m missing an option somewhere. I really don’t want to sync automatically because that means you will mostly loose all your music on your iPod first (see previous post)..

Anyway, I’m doing tricks by showing all hidden files in Finder, then copy them to disk. After that, I’m just importing all the files into iTunes. You need to import all of them because the file names are totally useless on the iPod!

Cool tools, but sometimes it’s brainless. I think Apple doesn’t know yet people actually have 2 or 3 or more Apples at home. iPhoto is also such a crazy tool not letting you share easily.

iPod and automatically update = CRAP!

This happened to me before, and it happened again after I tried to make it not happen. So if anyone knows how to make it happen, without happening.. let me know..

“WHAT???” Read on..

Well.. if you own two Macs like me, and you put your music on a iMac G5 (main machine), upload it to your iPod, travel with your PowerBook and connect your iPod to your PowerBook + iTunes = you’re screwed.

What happened is that my PowerBook is configured to update the iPod automatically (bad idea of course.. but hey!). This means it erases ALL music and starts to copy it back.

No big deal, my choice you would say. The big issue is that I have no chance to disable this BEFORE connecting the iPod. In iTunes you can’t access the iPod configuration before it connects. When it connects, it starts to update: you are screwed.

Now I’m 500km and 12 days away from my music, and well: SUCKS! Apple support is lame. So I’ll not even bother trying.

For the rest, I like Apple! But as anything, it just sometimes totally SUCKS!

My new guitar named Danni

Today I bought a new guitar after torturing me for some years whether I should start over again or not. My first guitar broke like 10 years ago. So, today I picked up learning it again. It bleeds my fingers, but eases my mind..

As far as I understood (I’m still learning!) this is a Western guitar, meaning the strings are all from metal. It has also a different sound from the Spanish guitars. If anyone wants to correct me here, please do so!

Why naming my guitar Danni? Well, it’s named after a nice girl I met on the train from Frankfurt to Aschaffenburg. I know to less to find her again, though she has my number. With my guitar, I still can hold on to memory and cherish that brief encounter endlessly..

.. okok, maybe it sounds a bit pathetic, but it’s true and I like to name things!

Switch to Apple?

Last week I received my new machine from work: an Apple PowerBook 15″. The main reason to choose for Apple and not a cheaper solution from Dell or HP or IBM is that I didn’t want to pay again for MS Windows licenses.

There are another reasons ofcourse. Linux has been my workstation for like forever. I dropped out of the Windows world almost 10 years ago, and I really like the Gnome or KDE environments.
But once you get a bit older, and you just would like to work instead of administrating your workstation, you look for lazy solutions. This is what I found in MacOSX.

I must say that my first day with the new OS was a bit frustrating. The second day too. But that’s how it goes. Now it’s cool, and basicly it’s a UNIX workstation. iTerm is an important app. Loading SSH keys with SSHKeyChain. I’m using for email, though.. I am not happy with it, but it uses iContact so it’s ok.

Windows does not work at all for me. Way to complicated and to easy to just break something. I have a German version. Think I’ll remove it now. Just used it for playing a game, which I can now play on my Mac.

The machine also looks sexy :)