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VirtualBox juggling order of Network Adapters

VirtualBox juggling order of Network Adapters

It took me a while figuring out why in using VirtualBox I couldn’t get network in a machine configured with 2 network adapters. One was set up to be bridged with the host, the other is a host-only one.
The problem was that in CentOS I configured both assuming that eth0 equals to ‘Adapter 1′, and eth1 ‘Adapter 2′. This is not (always?) the case and juggling it again around made it work. Now ‘Adapter 2′ is eth0.
Now off to the real work and playing again with DRBD and MySQL, virtually!

One thought on “VirtualBox juggling order of Network Adapters

  1. Paul Cobbaut

    You can use udev to hardlink eth0 and eth1 to their mac address. Take a look at /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules


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