Joining tables with JSON docs using MySQL 8.0

MySQL 8.0 got GA last month (April 2018) and that means it is time to get serious about getting back the relational in schema-less storage using the JSON datatype and JSON functions.

I have been very sceptic about JSON support in a RDBMS. The way XML was used in the past to store information, using functions to ‘query’ unindexable data.. a bit messy. This same mess exists with JSON, but it’s much easier to parse (=faster), easier to read, and still easy to mess it up (for nostalgics).

This post is about getting back relational with JSON document storage, joining tables using schema-less stuff. Yes, I used a buzz word!

The Go Year

Leaving the MySQL Team mid 2016 was personally quite something. I needed a change, but I didn’t realise it would change that much.

I started my new job at DCSO working on project written in Python. With my experience creating MySQL Connector/Python I felt right where I should be. Good colleague, nice office, no more alone at home.. Soon, however, my scepticism of Go, the other programming language used at work, moved to acceptance. And here I am, more than a year later, writing pretty much everything using in Go.

GraphQL servers and clients, single-binary web server applications, new ways using MySQL, .. those are a few things I’ve been doing. I am still discovering the possibilities, and also the pains. Yes, there are things that annoy me, but I consider that more a good thing; nothing is perfect.

Deploying Static Homepage, Part 2

About 2 years ago, summer of 2015, I converted my Wordpress to a static website using Jekyll. Today, June 2017, I’m yet again refactoring my blog and homepage, but now using Hugo. In the end, the outcome is pretty much the same. The user experience with Hugo, however, is better.

MySQL Connector/Python currently not available from PyPI

With PEP 470 now requiring files to be hosted on PyPI, you may have noticed that MySQL Connector/Python is now no longer available using the pip-tool. The MySQL Engineering team at Oracle really would like to have the connector available through PyPI and have been talking with the Python Foundation towards that. We know users and developers of OpenStack, for example, have requested this as well as lots of other Python users.

View on 2016

I consider myself a realistic optimist, but I see 2016 and future through the eyes of a pessimist. I believe we have failed this world, this planet, our only home, and we will soon face the consequences. No, not only our politicians have failed. We all. We all have failed into realizing that we should keep it clean. As long as most people think “global warming will solve it self”, no climate agreement will work out.