Quick Biography

Geert JM Vanderkelen, based in Berlin (Germany), works for DCSO Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation GmbH, a cyber-security company. Geert was part of the original MySQL Engineering Team at Oracle, working as lead developer on both MySQL Connector/Python and MySQL Router. Geert was a key member of the MySQL Support Team for more than 7 years.

About this Website

This website is static, using a small amount of Javascript code, and custom style-sheets.

Some highlights:

  • Generated using Hugo (one binary download number one feature)
  • No external dependencies except for Font Awesome
  • Responsive (not using any framework)
  • No cookies are set
  • No external websites are embedded (prevents tracking)
  • No discussions: use contact to send a message, and it might end up as FAQ somewhere
  • Old comments are (or will be) added as static content.
  • Nothing to hack; nothing to crack.