Discontinue Nagat development; Burying plans for Nagad

Nagat is an online administration tool for Nagios written in PHP4. There are some users around still sending comments, asking questions and even sending patches! I’m very thankful for the nice comments and the ideas. Though, I have to admit I didn’t look at the code for years.

As previously stated, I will not continue development for Nagat. It is/was copyrighted to my previous employer and I don’t want to have trouble with that.

I had plans to make a new project with same ideas but a new name, Nagad and total new code (in PHP5). Though, personally there was no much joy to put in the project as I was looking for a new job. Now that I found a new job I need to focus and work on having a life first. Also, I’m not activily using Nagios anymore, since that is currently not my job. Still love Nagios!

My ambitions to make Nagad are none existent. I think when starting an opensource or any project you need to be fully behind it and give it some love. That is something I can’t find right now.

So, what can you use instead of Nagat? Well, I found out about a project written in Perl, and a bit more professional: GroundWork Monitor Architect. I will give it a try and maybe comment on it later on.

To the users of Nagat: thank you very much for using it!

Best regards, Geert Vanderkelen