Switch to Apple?

Last week I received my new machine from work: an Apple PowerBook 15”. The main reason to choose for Apple and not a cheaper solution from Dell or HP or IBM is that I didn’t want to pay again for MS Windows licenses.

There are another reasons ofcourse. Linux has been my workstation for like forever. I dropped out of the Windows world almost 10 years ago, and I really like the Gnome or KDE environments. But once you get a bit older, and you just would like to work instead of administrating your workstation, you look for lazy solutions. This is what I found in MacOSX.

I must say that my first day with the new OS was a bit frustrating. The second day too. But that’s how it goes. Now it’s cool, and basicly it’s a UNIX workstation. iTerm is an important app. Loading SSH keys with SSHKeyChain. I’m using Mail.app for email, though.. I am not happy with it, but it uses iContact so it’s ok.

Windows does not work at all for me. Way to complicated and to easy to just break something. I have a German version. Think I’ll remove it now. Just used it for playing a game, which I can now play on my Mac.

The machine also looks sexy :)