Past week I reached another milestone in my ‘body transformation’. Since last year I came down from about 100kg (220 pounds) to ±85kg (187 pounds). It’s been a great experience and I’m able to squeeze into (European) Medium sized t-shirt. Sometimes even small size sport wear!

The milestone was finishing the HVB CityLauf in Aschaffenburg. It’s a 7.9km run, 5 rounds through the city. The D-group started about 18:30 with a few drops; it ended with all being soaked by the pouring rain. I did it in 46 minutes, with a 50m walking break during the last round (which was a very good call from me). It was probably the cheering that helped me running it that fast. Ilka and Pia supported me while waiting for Tomas to start in the C-group (he did it in 36 minutes!).

Off to my next milestone, which isn’t well defined, but meanwhile I’m trying to get my body even further down to 78kg, but it’s getting harder.