Using SQLAlchemy unit test cases to further develop MySQL Connector/Python. It’s probably debatable whether that’s a good method or just lame. But it sure helps lots!

We’ve been pushing some code past days that makes Connector/Python almost pass all tests. Well, 4% is still failing, but I’m confident that in a few most problems will be dealt with. I had to make some changes to the SQLAlchemy v0.6 dialect as well, and some test cases had to be corrected. Hopefully those corrections will also go in the SQLAlchemy trunk later on.

``` $ nosetests –dburi=mysql+mysqlconnector://root:@localhost/sqlalchemy ..

Ran 2092 tests in 314.656s

FAILED (errors=72, failures=11) ```

If you run the same tests against MySQLdb, you’ll see (of course) less failures (9 to be exact).