My New Job at Oracle: Working on MySQL Connector/Python

After more than 6 years doing MySQL Support for MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle, it’s time for a change. Time to get back to development!

As of November 2011 I’ll be working full-time on MySQL Connector/Python and other goodies within the MySQL development team at Oracle. Before, this was more or less a pet project done after working hours. However, with the birth of our son Tomas more than a year ago, I’ve been slacking and family got priority.

The idea is to make MySQL Connector/Python the best choice for connecting to MySQL from within your Python code. We still got a long road ahead of us, but I’m confident that we are on the right track.


Ulf Wendel
Welcome, Geert! Did I miss your internal mail on this…?
David Shrewsbury
Good news. I use Python against a MySQL db everyday now in my current job and I’m really unimpressed with MySQLdb, although it gets the job done. Glad to see some full-time work behind this project.
Chris Calender
Congratulations on your new role! Wish you the best of luck :)
Catherine Devlin
Hooray for Oracle and for you! MySQLdb’s outdatedness has been a real pain point.
Monty Taylor
Awesome. I was just recommending Connector/Python to folks in OpenStack as an option for DB connections due to issues using MySQLdb with eventlet. It’s great to know that actual support is going to happen for it. (btw - I’m pretty sure it works with SqlAlchemy already, but if you wanted to add SqlAlchemy to the set of things you test, I would not be opposed)
Steve Holden
Great, I used Connector for my Python classes at O’Reilly Scholl of Technology. It will be good to see improvements (though for our purposes the code already appears quite solid).
Geert Vanderkelen
@Monty Taylor It’s already part of SQLAlchemy, but I need to make sure Connector/Python stays compatible.
Geert Vanderkelen
@David Shrewsbury And we are trying to keep compatible with MySQLdb.
Geert Vanderkelen
@Catherine Devlin That’s why I started Connector/Python 4 years ago on my Mac :)
Geert Vanderkelen
@Steve Holden Indeed, for most folks it’s already working well. We need to polish the code and make Connector/Python perform as good as possible in pure Python.
Dean Ellis
Awesome (ish). I use your connector every single day, great to see you able to focus on it!
Max Mether
Congrats Geert! Will there be an NDB/Python API coming out as well?
Tony Pines
Geert, If you’re at Oracle now working on MySQL and Python, does this mean that Oracle will be supplying some official Python/MySQL support for licensed Standard and Enterprise users?