MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.5 beta available through PyPI

Yesterday we announced the availability of MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.5 beta. Today I’ve made it available on PyPI so it can be easily installed. Note that I did remove the old development release and when you upgrade or try v1.0.5, you should check the ChangeLog.

$ pip install mysql-connector-python

For those wondering why the name includes ‘python’: it’s just to align it with other MySQL connectors and to keep the name consistent with other distribution types.

We welcome and appreciate feedback and comments for this first beta release through the forum and the MySQL Bugs database.


Sandro Tosi
Hi, but on PyPI you versioned mysql-connector as 1.0.5 which seems a final version instead of a beta one
Geert Vanderkelen
Indeed. One problem I have with version is ‘1.0.5b’ is not valid for StrictVersion. Now, ‘1.0.5b1’ one is, so theoretically the next beta would be ‘1.0.6b1’.

Is that acceptable? I will change it to ‘1.0.5b1’ on PyPI if so.

I’d like to thank you for this, was looking for this kind of library. Thank you! :-)