Naming a Python package for distribution?

I’m currently figuring out how to name the MySQL Connector/Python distributions so it works well with PyPi. Source archives would be named like mysql-connector-python-X.


The name metadata would be ‘MySQL Connector Python’, thus without any underscores or dashes. This works OK, but if people have objections, please leave a comment.


Medardo Rodriguez

Where I write “merchise” use your enterprise name.

Geert Vanderkelen
Thanks Medardo, however, ‘mysql’ is the ‘enterprise’ name (of sorts) and we are trying to keep consistent with our other connectors like ‘mysql-connector-j’ and ‘mysql-connector-odbc’.
Lennart Regebro
Including “python” is unecessary from PyPI’s point of view. Otherwise mysql-connector-python-X.Y.Z.tar.gz is fine.
.tar.gz file name is OK. I wonder why not to use MySQL Connector/Python though, as for all other connectors?
Geert Vanderkelen
MySQL Connector/Python is indeed the official name. We’ve settled with ‘mysql-connector-python’ in the meta data, since eventually, that is how package will be named. It’s magically being renamed with dashes anyways, but explicit is better.